MACHERY-NAGEL NANOCONTROL multistandard Sewage outflow 1

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Manufacturer: MACHEREY-NAGEL

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MACHERY-NAGEL NANOCONTROL multistandard sewage outflow 1
including NANOCONTROL 100+ standard addition

Multistandard for the determination of COD, NO3-N, NH4-N, total-N and total-P for checking the NANOCOLOR testes 0-04, 0-26, 0-33, 0-64, 0-65, 0-81 and 0-92.

In addition to the single standards, also compositions of standard substances are available. The composition and concentrations of these multistandards meet the requirements of specific user groups e. g. in waste water treatment, drinking water production and others. With only one standard solution several parameters can be checked by the user in one step. The delivery and the use of multistandards is the same like the single standards.

Modell: Outflow 1
Rapid tests: other rapid testsnitrite, nitrate
Trade mark rapid tests: NANOCOLOR
Shipping weight: 1,50 Kg
Product weight: 0,50 Kg
Checkable parameters and tests and concentrations of the standard solution:
Parameter NANOCOLOR test Concentration
Ammonium Test 0-04 Ammonium 10 3.0 mg/l NH4-N
COD Test 0-26 COD 160
Test 0-33 COD 300
114 mg/l COD
114 mg/l COD
Nitrate Test 0-65 Nitrate 8
Test 0-64 Nitrate 50
6.00 mg/l NO3-N
6.0 mg/l NO3-N
total-P Test 0-81 total-Phosphate 5 2.50 mg/l P
total-N Test 0-92 total-Nitrogen TNb 60 30.0 mg/l N

Sufficient for: Standard solution: 12 - 120 determinations
Spike solution: 15 determinations
Shelf life: at least 1 year