Fedegari horizontal high pressure steam sterilizers FOB4-TS series

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Manufacturer: Fedegari

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Fedegari FOB4-TS Horizontal high pressure steam sterilizer

  • user-oriented, functional and ergonomic design
  • highly innovative modularity by design and construction with extremely flexible configuration
  • enhanced safety, operating ease and high sterility assurance
  • fast processing and improved productivity
  • versatility: broadest selection of programs and applications
  • excellent quality standards and most-advanced sterilization technology

The Fedegari FOB4 serie TS is suitable for use in many different applications in Laboratory, Industry as well as in Healthcare sector as:

  • Microbiology and Analytical Labs
  • Research Institutes and Examination Agencies
  • Bio-Technologies and Life Sciences
  • Animal facility and Test Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemistry industries, Q.C.
  • Labs and small production batches
  • Hospital operating Theatre and Medical care

Its use in highly specialised fields and attractive niche markets worldwide that demand exclusive, reproducible and validated processes is assured. The valued results derive from know-how, expertise and continuous improvement and renewal of the products and services which satisfy customer's expectations and FEDEGARI AUTOKLAVEN AG is proud to present the new floor cabinet steam sterilizer FOB4 serie TS which combines excellent performance with overall high quality materials, simplicity of use and optimum consumption.
The FOB4 serie TS sterilizer has specially designed with ergonomical features for easy handling of higher volume sterilization treating materials and goods as: Glassware, media preparation, liquids in open and sealed containers, mixed wastes/regular and high risk, as well as surgery instruments, textiles, rubber articles, etc. for Hospital use.


  • free standing single door or recessed with double doors for pass-through application.
  • vertically Automatic sliding doors, effortless pneumatically operated, for efficient use of Laboratory and Hospital space.
  • 650 mm inner chamber diameter for easy accommodation of internal loading equipment with optimal processing capability and throughput.
  • built-in, External or combined steam source.
  • high-tech chamber and doors system construction.
  • superior quality of materials with first class finishing and components all rigorously tested at Fedegari, for long term reliability and process safety.
  • massive, long-lived pressure vessels PED certified, exclusive pneumatic valves and hydraulic components made of high corrosion resistant 316L S.S., sanitary grade.
  • unique opening / closing door system with patented pneumatic gasket seal - perfect airtight, safety and maximum reliability.
  • lowest loading height, reduced overall dimensions.
  • rolling wheels for easy moving during installation and service.
  • operation of the unit from both ends by operator panel and display fitted on loading and unloading sides.

special benefits:

  • improved performances thanks to more efficient and faster processings.
  • short batch times and optimum drying.
  • small foot print with superior loading capacity.
  • slim width (less than 900 mm) allowing easy installation in narrow area with reduced access.
  • ergonomic positioning of adjustable operator display and built-in process printer on the eye level.
  • full and easy accessibility to technical area from the front and lateral side for service and regular maintenance.
  • wide variety of loading trolleys, internal racks, shelves, transfer cars, trays and containers, customized solutions for individual needs.
  • high level of programming and application flexibility with fully configurable cycles.
  • multilevel password management for authorized access only.
  • special standard test programs (i.e. Bowie-Dick, vacuum, pressure leak test, heating programs, etc.) for routine check of sterilizer efficiency.
  • GMP / GLP compatible data management offering full traceability and documentation meeting the most stringent worldwide safety and quality standards.

technical key-features:

  • custom-made solutions and process upgrading in very short time for extended technological life of product
  • energy and water cost-saving devices for optimal consumption of services
  • high-efficiency internal 316 L stainless steel plate heatexchanger system for steam preheating, perfect final drying and water accelerate cooling
  • supporting pressure device by compressed air for preventing solutions over-boiling during forced cooling
  • reliable, high-efficiency vacuum system
  • extra safety device in compliance with TRB402, thermal interlock to prevent door opening
  • maximum precision and stability of temperature sensor and pressure transducers for highest level of safety and reproducibility
  • all sterilization cycles clearly documented by a compact built-in process printer or in graphic form with a A4-deskjet printer (by customer)
  • datalogger for separate systems for process control and recording
  • fully programmability: 15 standard sterilization programs easy to customize in a multi-user environment.
  • automatic delayed start-up and stand-by mode programmed for utility saving
  • NEW CMA PLC controller with large touch-screen color videographic display for maximum using comfort and more intuitive interface
  • operating software fully validated and documented to conform with the rigorous pharma standards for reproducible processes
  • exclusive new management software for CFR21 part11 compliant with electronic signature, audit trail and data archiving with ethernet protocol connection
  • optional MDD certification and CE mark according to European Medical Directive and EN285 / EN554 for hospital theatre use and medical device batches

optional kits:
All the models can be configured using various customised systems guaranteed by the wide range of process and software options and the extensive choice of accessories.
The basic version of the sterilizer can already be used for standard processes and is easy to configure, thanks to its design concept and modular construction, with a series of interesting and exclusive options kits, the most important of which are:

  • integrated 316L st. steel electric steam generator fully automatic with indipendent operation and control.
  • pre- and post-vacuum processes, single or fractionated with high-output water-ring vacuum pump.
  • exclusive high-efficiency fast cooling module for liquid programs.
  • unique decontamination cycle for high-risk pathogenic wastes.
  • sterilization program with complete cycle by steam / air - mixture in counterpressure for delicate treatment of small batches as blister packs, contact lenses, carpules, syringes, solutions in glass / plastic bottles or bags (PVC, PP, PE), etc.
  • effluent discharge air filtration kit for wastes treatment with automatic filter sterilization
  • special execution with single or double sealing flange plate (sterile and / or non sterile side) for laboratory risk category L3 and L4 and operating theatre
  • air detector and sample steam kit for compliance to HTM 2010
  • automatic program for pharmacopea cycle on hydrolytic resistance of glass containers
  • management software CMA-link for remote supervision and downloading to external user PC, data archiving, A4-size printout with cycle diagram, synoptic display, etc.
  • exclusive conformity kit to CFR21 part11 with ethernet protocol interface
  • precise and detailed documentation and IQ/OQ/PQ validation procedures

Construction type: horizontal
Volume (autoclave): 147 l210 l
Pressure max. (autoclave): 3.5 bar
Width (autoclave): 842 mm1030 mm
Height (autoclave): 955 mm1255 mm1268 mm
Diameter of vessel: 650 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 650 mm950 mm
Vessel material: stainless steel 316L
Temperature max. (autoclave): 148°C
Depth (autoclave): 1851 mm1923 mm
Sterilization Method

Saturated Steam (air/vapour mixture optional)

Number Doors 1 1 2
Total Volume (l) 261 361 366
Useful Loading Capacity (l/STE) 147 / 2 210 / 2+½+½ 210 / 2+½+½
Type of Chamber

horizontal, with cylindrical cross section, front loader

Chamber Dimensions
(Ø x d) (mm)
650 x 650 650 x 950 650 x 950
Empty Weight (kg) 370 410 510
Overall Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 842 x 1851 x 955 842 x 1851 x 1255 1030 x 1923 x 1268
Chamber and Lid Material

AISI 316 L, stainless steel

Self-supporting Frame

AISI 304 L, stainless steel

Max. Operating Pressure

3.5 bar(g) - 4 bar(g) 1)

Chamber Design Pressure

- 1 /4 bar(g) - -1/4.5 bar(g) 1)

Min./Max. Operating Temperature

0/152°C - 0/156°C 1)

Max. Sterilization Temperature

148°C -152°C 1)

Standard Electric Supply

400 V three-phase, 50 Hz, neutral conductor

Power Requirement (basic version)

0.5 kW

Power Requirement (without steam generator)

16 kW

Standards / Norms

PED 97/23/EC, CE Mark, TÜV Certification

1)...sterilizer executed for high-temperature (HT) processes