Fedegari vertical laboratory autoclavs FVS series

Item number: FED_24001

EAN: 4064343196475

Category: Fedegari

Manufacturer: Fedegari

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Fedegari FVS Series, Vertical Laboratory Autoclaves

The FVS series is a compact, portable, vertical lab sterilizer, with very small overall dimensions for easy handling use.
The FVS series sterilizers are suitable for the use in many different applications in laboratory such as:

  • Empty glassware
  • Laboratories instruments
  • Small machine parts
  • Culture media/solution in small size open containers
  • Laboratory hard goods
  • Other solid items

The FVS series controls the sterilization process adopting a close loop feedback system using PID algorithm. This solution, in a so small autoclave, permits a continuous and accurate control of chamber temperature and pressure with a significant energy saving.

Design and Technical Features:

  • Chamber volume: 35 liters (FVS/35) - 50 liters (FVS/50)
  • Sterilizing chamber and lid made of top-quality AISI 316 L stainless steel electropolished finishing
  • AISI 304 stainless steel housing frame with removable fine satinated panels for easy maintenance and operation
  • Special profile high-resistant pneumatic gasket for automatic lid sealing, maximum safety
  • Swing-top opening lid with quick closing and safety interlocks
  • Small air compressor with buffer for pneumatic lid gasket and final drying
  • Built-in AISI 304 stainless steel recovery tank for steam condensates
  • Temperature range 100 C to 144 C to cover wide range of sterilization programs
  • Microprocessor control system with graphic color LCD display

Advantages and Key Benefits:

  • Portable type autoclave with 2 castors and hand wheels
  • No utilities connections for very fast and easy installation
  • Password protected key user access
  • Sterilization time up to 999 min.
  • 10-free configurable automatic programs
  • Over heating phase for accelerated heating of liquids (time saving up to 20%)
  • One port for validation purpose
  • Warm-up/warm-keeping for culture media (45 C-90 C) preparation

Option Kits and Accessories:

  • Fan assisted air cooling
  • Final drying kit
  • Built-in process printer
  • Validation port adaptor
  • Stainless steel wire baskets and drums
  • IQ/OQ documentation package

Modell: FVS/50 FVS/35
Construction type: vertical
Volume (autoclave): 30 l 45 l
Width (autoclave): 400 mm
Pressure max. (autoclave): 3.0 bar
Height (autoclave): 922 mm
Diameter of vessel: 305 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 410 mm 610 mm
Vessel material: stainless steel 316L, electropolished
Temperature max. (autoclave): 144C
Depth (autoclave): 630 mm
Shipping weight:100,00 Kg
Product weight:80,00 Kg
Chamber Volumen (l)3550
Useful Loading Capacity (l)3045
Chamber / Lid Material316L stainless steel,
316L stainless steel,
Chamber Dimensions ( x h) (mm)305 X 410305 X 610
Empty Weight (kg)8085
Loading Height (mm)823823
Sterilization Temperature Range100C - 144C100C - 144C
Chamber Design PressureFull Vakuum / 3.5 Bar GFull Vakuum / 3.5 Bar G
Max. Operating Pressure3 bar g3 bar g
Max. Operating Temperature144C / 148C144C / 148C
Overall Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm)400 x 630 x 922400 x 630 x 922
Power Requirement2 kW2.5 kW
Standard Electric Supply230 V, Single Phase
50/60Hz - 9.5A
230 V, Single Phase
50Hz - 12A