HMC-Europe Steam sterilzer HMT 232 N

Item number: HMC_24005

EAN: 4064343163125

Category: HMC-Europe

Manufacturer: HMC-Europe

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HMC-Europe Steam sterilzer HMT 232 N
  • Reliability on the workbench
  • For standard tasks - ingeniously simple
The HMT autoclaves are easy to operate, yet they offer a high level of performance, reliability, and safety. For ease of use in laboratories. The chambers are made from polished, high-grade stainless steel. Depending on the device type, the microprocess control provides fully automated and monitored program execution. Various sterilization temperatures and sterilization times are available or can be entered. The devices meet the requirements of EN 13060.

HMT 232 X (N-series): 4 selectable sterilization times

An N-series sterilizer may only be used to sterilize unpackaged instruments which are classed as uncritical or semicritical A.

For minimum requirements:
  • N-series, volume 16 Lit.
  • 4 programs, water tank
  • Packaged: 121 °C - 30min; 134 °C - 15min
  • Unpackaged: 121 °C - 15min; 134 °C - 4min
  • Mechanical pressure gauge
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Extremely simple display
  • Extremely simple maintenance
  • Economical
  • Overheating protection
  • Maximum pressure limiter
  • Safety valve
  • Mechanical pressure-dependent door lock

The autoclaves are supplied as standard without baskets as there are so many different fitting options.

Modell: HMT 232 N
Construction type: horizontal
Volume (autoclave): 16 l
Power (autoclave): 1.4 kW
Width (autoclave): 500 mm
Height (autoclave): 406 mm
Diameter of vessel: 230 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 410 mm
Vessel material: stainless steel
Temperature max. (autoclave): 134°C
Depth (autoclave): 537 mm
Product weight: 30,00 Kg
HMC-Europe HMT 232 N
Chamber volume 16 l
Chamber dimensions (Ø x H) 230 x 410 mm
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H) 500 x 537 x 406 mm
Heating power 1.4 kW
Weight 30 kg
Vacuum no
Water tank 4.2 Lit.
Operating temperature 118°C - 134 °C
Markings CE
Power supply AC 220 V/240 V
Safety systems Overheating protection, safety valve, overpressure switch, lock,
water level monitoring of the reservoir and sterilization chamber
HMT load capacity
Round laboratory flask
50 ml
Round laboratory flask
100 ml
Round laboratory flask
250 ml
Erlenmeyer flask
250 ml
Erlenmeyer flask
500 ml
Square laboratory flask
500 ml