MACHEREY-NAGEL QUANTOFIX Test strips Ascorbic acid

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MACHEREY-NAGEL QUANTOFIX Test strips Carbonate Hardness

Quick and easy determination of carbonate hardness:
This test strip is for the rapid and reliable determination of alkalinity or carbonate hardness in water. The easy dip-and-read-procedure provides a reliable result within 30 seconds.
Carbonate hardness or alkalinity is a measure for the waters pH-buffer capacity. If the Carbonate Hardness is higher, addition of acids or bases will have a lower influence on the resulting pH. Sudden and rapid pH-changes of the water are avoided.
QUANTOFIX Carbonate hardness is used for the quick and easy control of water in swimming pools and aquariums.

Rapid tests: water hardness
Trade mark rapid tests: QUANTOFIX
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg
Product weight: 0,10 Kg
Presentation: Tube of 100 strips
Colour reaction: bright green to blue
Gradation: 0 · 3 · 6 · 10 · 15 · 20 °d
Accessories Test strips/ indicator paper
  • Accessories Test strips/ indicator paper
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