MACHEREY-NAGEL Test paper Chromium

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MACHEREY-NAGEL Test papers for qualitative determinations/ Chromium
Qualitative determination of ions and chemical compounds

With the aid of test papers for qualitative determinations, the presence of Ion and chemical compounds can be asserted with low effort.
A color change is effected, if the concentration of the researched substance is situated above the specific detection limit.

Criminal investigations: Peroxtesmo KM, Phosphatesmo KM
Milk analysis: Peroxtesmo MI, Phosphatesmo MI
Water test: Watesmo, Wator
Oil determination: Oil test paper

MACHEREY-NAGEL Test paper Chromium
Quick and easy determination of chromate

This test paper allows the quick and easy detection of Chromate (CrO43- ). Cr(III) ions must be converted to chromate prior to the detection.
For non-destructive testing of materials apply a drop of acid solution (1 part hydrochloric acid 37 % + 4 parts hydrogen peroxide 3 %) to the degreased surface. After 10 - 30 seconds add a drop sodiumhydroxyde (NaOH). Press the test paper onto the precipitate then put it into diluted sulfuric acid. In the presence of chromium, a violet spot appears. With this procedure Chromium contents <0,1% are safely detected.

Rapid tests: other rapid tests
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg
Product weight: 0,10 Kg
Presentation: Pack of 200 strips 20 x 70 mm
Colour reaction: white to violet
Limit of sensitivity : 2 mg/l Cr3+ or 5 mg/l CrO42-
Accessories Test strips/ indicator paper
  • Accessories Test strips/ indicator paper
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