MACHEREY-NAGEL Test paper Plumbtesmo (Lead)

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MACHEREY-NAGEL Test papers for qualitative determinations/ Plumbtesmo (Lead)
Qualitative determination of ions and chemical compounds

With the aid of test papers for qualitative determinations, the presence of Ion and chemical compounds can be asserted with low effort.
A color change is effected, if the concentration of the researched substance is situated above the specific detection limit.

Criminal investigations: Peroxtesmo KM, Phosphatesmo KM
Milk analysis: Peroxtesmo MI, Phosphatesmo MI
Water test: Watesmo, Wator
Oil determination: Oil test paper

MACHEREY-NAGEL Test paper Plumbtesmo (Lead)
Quick and easy determination of lead

The test paper allows the quick and easy detection of lead on surfaces including metal surfaces, dishes, ceramics and toys. In criminal investigations it is used to search for traces of bullets.
The surface in question is moistened with distilled water. The test paper is pressed against the surface for about 2 minutes. In the presence of lead the paper turns pink to dark purple.

Modell: Plumbtesmo (Blei)
Rapid tests: plumb
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg
Product weight: 0,10 Kg
Presentation: Pack of 40 sheets 40 x 25 mm
Colour reaction: white-yellow to pink
Limit of sensitivity : 5 mg/l
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