BIOTEC-FISCHER Gerix 1015 gel documentation system

Item number: BIOFI_4059

EAN: 4064343202220


Manufacturer: BIOTEC-FISCHER

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BIOTEC-FISCHER Gerix 1015 gel documentation system

Gerix 1015 is an easy-to-use imaging system for a simple gel documentation where no PC is needed for control. Proteins and DNA/RNA samples can be recorded in a fast and efficient way. The exposed gels can be saved as digital image on a memory card and can be processed and evaluated on a PC afterwards. The small transportable documentation system includes a set-top dark hood and UV transilluminator. Gerix 1015 can also be placed on any other transilluminator with a maximum filter size of 23 x 30 cm. The CCD camera guarantees a real live image for an easy positioning of the gels. The settings of the integration time for an optimal image acquisition are made by an external control unit with integrated LCD display. The image can be printed immediately on an optionally available thermal printer P93E.

Set consisting of:

  • CCD Camera
  • Dark Hood
  • UV-Transilluminator
  • Control unit
  • Video printer

Modell: Gerix 1015
Electrophoresis: gel documentation system
Shipping weight: 20,00 Kg