BIOTEC-FISCHER Gerix 1045 gel documentation system

Item number: BIOFI_4060

EAN: 4064343202213


Manufacturer: BIOTEC-FISCHER

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BIOTEC-FISCHER Gerix 1045 gel documentation system

Gerix 1045 is a comfortable documentation system with various application possibilities. The equipment with UV-transilluminator, white top light and white light transmission (UV-conversion screen) enables fluorescence and white light acquisitions, such as gels, films and blots. The intensity switch 50/100% on the transilluminator allows the change between preparative and analytical applications. The dark hood is equipped with an automatic UV-shut-off when open the door. Inspecting the gels under UV-light, can be realised with the preparative function. If requested a UV protection shield can be used in the darkhood DH-40. Gerix 1045 does not need an additional PC for the acquisition and print-out of the images. The control of the system and the overexposure control is made via the external control unit. The optional themal printer P93E can be put on the printer holder which is mounted on the dark hood. This is spacesaving and convenient.

Set consisting of:

  • CCD Camera
  • Cabinet
  • UV-Transilluminator
  • Control unit
  • Video Printer

Modell: Gerix 1045
Electrophoresis: gel documentation system
Shipping weight: 25,00 Kg
Product weight: 20,00 Kg