BIOTEC-FISCHER PHERO-sub 9600 M018 electrophoresis tank

Item number: BIOFI_4070

EAN: 4064343201643


Manufacturer: BIOTEC-FISCHER

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BIOTEC-FISCHER PHERO-sub 9600 M018 electrophoresis tank

The PHERO-sub 9600 M018 is ideal for high throughput electrophoresis of PCR products or samples containing a small number of DNA bands. Its 10x12cm (W x L) gel dimensions and 96-well comb block format correspond to the standard microplate configuration. Two different types of combs are available: one which has 8 wells and an additional lane for DNA markers and one which has 8 wells and 2 additional lanes for markers. The offset layout of the wells allows a maximum run length of 1.8cm per well, resulting in improved separation. The device can accommodate samples from a 96-well plate samples can be loaded directly using 8-channel pipettes. As with all PHERO-sub units, leak-proof casting is simplified using the supplied casting dams while their ultra-compact size minimises buffer usage and bench space requirements.

  • 1 x Gel Tray, 100 x 120 mm, UV-transparent
  • 1 x Comb, 8x12 slots Multichannel, 1.0 mm (Comb with 1 marker lane)
  • 1 x Gel casting aid

Modell: PHERO-sub 9600
Electrophoresis: horizontal gel electrophoresis
Gel size (horizontal gel electrophoresis): 100 x 120 mm
Shipping weight: 4,00 Kg