BIOTEC-FISCHER TurboScan notebook hardware

Item number: BIOFI_4058

EAN: 4064343202800


Manufacturer: BIOTEC-FISCHER

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BIOTEC-FISCHER TurboScan notebook hardware

In terms of flexibility, TurboScan puts all previous systems in the shade. It allows you to create as many individually generated scan masks as you wish. You can also select as many analysis methods as you wish. No other system offers so many options. In clinical work, for example, you can use TurboScan for analysis in the following applications: serum protein electrophoresis, lipo-protein electrophoresis, haemoglobin electrophoresis, Hb-A1c electrophoresis, urine electrophoresis, CSF electrophoresis, Bence-Jones, isoenzymes, immunofixation, isoelectric focusing, multifractional electrophoresis, blots and lots more. It does not matter wether you carry out your methods on dry or wet cellulose acetate strips, on agarose and on other gels or you work with micro, semi-micro or macro application. TurboScan uses the latest digital image analysis technology.

Modell: TurboScan
Electrophoresis: electrophoresis densitometer
Shipping weight: 5,00 Kg