Grant Gerber baths for butyrometer milk testing

Item number: GRANT_20009

EAN: 4064343193351

Category: Grant

Manufacturer: Grant

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Grant Gerber baths for butyrometer milk testing

Robust, high precision temperature-controlled stirred bath specifically designed for use in dairy laboratories, with sufficient depth to allow immersion of Gerber butyrometers. Also suitable for general laboratory applications where a deeper tank is required. The bath has space for three purpose designed racks, each with the capacity to hold 12 butyrometers.
  • Exceptionally simple to use interface
  • Digital display: four character bright LED
  • intelligent control optimisation "ICO" for adaptive PID temperature control
  • user recalibration facility
  • low liquid protection

Summary specification:
  • Temperature range ambient plus 5 to 100°C
  • Stability ±0.05°C
  • Electronic temperature control, with stirred circulation
  • Capacity for up to 36 Gerber butyrometers

Modell: Water bath
Cooling: no
Heating bath model: water/fluid bath
Heating bath temperature max.: 100°C
Capacity of heating bath: 20 l
Shipping weight: 8,00 Kg
Gerber bath T100-MST20
Temperature range (°C) ambient +5 to 100
Stability (°C) ±0.05
Display 4-digit LED
Display resolution (°C) 0.1
Heater power
230 V (kW)
120 V (kW)

Working area/tank opening (mm) 240 x 210
Tank capacity (nominal) (L) 20
Liquid depth min/max (mm) 185/225
Electrical power
230 V 50/60 Hz (kW)
120 V 50/60 Hz (kW)