Grant High temperature oil bath HED series

Item number: GRANT_20008

EAN: 4064343193672

Category: Grant

Manufacturer: Grant

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Grant High temperature oil bath HED series
Series of robust baths/circulators for high temperature applications combining electronic control with Grant's proven circulation system to provide long-term stable, uniform temperature control. Applications include high temperatur probe calibrations.
  • Temperature range 50 to 260ºC
  • Stability 0.25 ºC, uniformity 0.2ºC
  • Timed or continuous operation
  • Choice of two tank sizes - 10 litres (HE10D) and 30 litres (HE30D)

  • Robust construction for durability and heat efficiency - heavily insulated stainless steel tank in a stove enamelled outer case. Exposed or immersed parts are made from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Insulated flat lid to ensure user safety. Model HED30 has a 2-part lid to facilitate access.
  • Fitted with extra powerful stirrer and a heater with a large surface area to prevent local overheating and deterioration of the oil.
  • Digital controller raised to allow for cooling airflow above the tank.
  • In-built safety features ensure that the set temperature is not exceeded and that the bath does not operate with too low a level of liquid.
  • Optional accessory pump HQ available for external circulation (closed system only) - mounted on lid for convenient fitting and use.

Modell: HE30DHE10D
Cooling: no
Heating bath model: water/fluid bathoil bath
Heating bath temperature max.: 260°C
Capacity of heating bath: 10 l30 l
Oil bath HE10D HE30D
Temperature range (°C) 50 to 260 50 to 260
Stability (DIN 58966) (°C) ±0.25 (at 150°C)* ±0.25 (at 150°C)*
Uniformity (°C) ±0.2 (at 150°C)* ±0.2 (at 150°C)*
Display LED LED
Display resolution (°C) 1 1
Timer (mins) 1 to 9999 1 to 9999
Alarms high/low high/low
Heater power 230 V (kW) 1.1 2.2
Overall consumption 230 V (kW) 1.2 2.3
Liquid flow rate, maximum (L/min) 6*+ 6*+
Pump head pressure at 0 L/min (m) 1.6*+ 1.6*+
Pipe bore (mm) 7.5+ 7.5+
Working area/tank opening (mm) 190 x 210 350 x 305
Tank dimensions l x w x h (mm) 305 x 210 x 185 455 x 305 x 240
Liquid depth min/max (mm) 100/140 145/190
over temperature protection
liquid level

adjustable cut-out
float switch

adjustable cut-out
float switch
Electrical power
230 V 50/60 Hz (kW)
120 V 50/60 Hz kW


EMC emissions Class A Class A
Weight (kg) 19 30

*...using silicon oil
+...using accessory pump