witeg Wisd Muffle Furnaces F

Item number: WITEG_8001>

EAN: 4064343169417

Category: witeg

Manufacturer: WITEG Labortechnik

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witeg Wisd Muffle Furnaces F
  • with Certificate & Traceability: Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Patented Jog-Dial Control System and Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
  • CE Certified
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance
  • Designed for Ash-Determinations, Enameling, Fusions, Precipitate Drying
  • User's Self-Compensation Function for Temperature (± 50 °C)
  • Resolution: 1°C, 1min
  • Safety Switch for Door Opening
  • Ceramic Fiber exposed Heating Wire, 4-Side Heating

Modell: F-63F-27F-14F-12F-05F-03
Temperature max. of furnace: 1000°C
Width outside (furnace): 390 mm420 mm480 mm530 mm580 mm630 mm
Width inside (furnace): 130 mm150 mm200 mm250 mm300 mm400 mm
Height outside (furnace): 530 mm550 mm620 mm660 mm760 mm790 mm
Height inside (furnace): 90 mm100 mm160 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm
Power (furnace): 1,4 kW1,8 kW3,6 kW4 kW4,6 kW9 kW
Furnace volume: 3 l4,5 l12 l14 l27 l63 l
Depth inside (furnace): 250 mm300 mm350 mm400 mm
Depth outside (furnace): 480 mm530 mm550 mm580 mm590 mm710 mm
Type of furnace: chamber and muffle furnace
Model & Capacity F-03
3 Lit.
4,5 Lit.
12 Lit.
14 Lit.
27 Lit.
63 Lit.
Temp.-Range 300 - 1000 °C (all Models)
Heater Kanthal A1, expose Wire Heating Elements, 4-Side Heating (all Models)
Thermocouple K-type Thermocouple (all Models)
Heating Power 1.4 kW 1.8 kW 3.6 kW 4.0 kW 4.6 kW 9 kW
Required time to be
reached  800 °C
16 min. 16 min. 20 min. 20 min. 20 min. 23 min.
Timer & Alarm 99hr 59 min (Delay & Continuous run), Error status & Timer-end (all Models)
Display Digital LCD with Back-Light Function (all Models)
Controller Digital PID Controller with Jog-Shuttle Switch (Turn+Push)  (all Models)
Safety Circuit Over-Temp./-Current protection, Sensor Error Detection
Safety Switch for Door Opening (all Models)
Material Ceramic Fiber with Heating Wire-Internal, Powder Coated Steel-External
Ceramic Fiber-Insulation (all Models)
Dimension (WxDxH)
Internal 13x25x9 15x30x10 20x30x20 25x35x16 30x30x30 40x40x40
External 39x48x53 42x53x55 48x55x66 53x58x62 58x59x76 63x71x79
Packing Size (WxDxH) cm 62x53x74 68x58x76 67x62x90 72x68x84 74x74x105 116x90x110
Gross weight 54 kg 62 kg 82 kg 88 kg 104 kg 225 kg
Power plug type Hybrid E+F Hybrid E+F 5 pole, 16 A CEE (all Models)
Power supply 230 V AC, 1 N~, 50/60 Hz 400 V AC, 3 N~, 50/60 Hz (all Models)