LAMSYSTEMS safety cabinet BMB-II-Laminar-S-1,2

Item number: LAMSYS_26001

EAN: 4064343165976


Manufacturer: LAMSYSTEMS

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LAMSYSTEMS safety cabinet BMB-II-Laminar-S-1,2

The cabinet provides personnel and environment protection from pathogenic agents and microorganisms of III-IV risk group transmitting as an aerosol and protection of the product from exterior contamination and /or cross-contamination.

The new generation of safety cabinets
Protection as a unconditional reflex

Unconditioned reflexes are automatic responses to stimuli, regardless of their origin. They carry out a basic protective function by ensuring the survival of organisms. Just as the unconditioned reflex mechanism of the animals responds to a stimulus, just automatically responds the optical-acoustic signal system on any change in protective properties of safety cabinets of new generation.

The extendable UV light module is located in the lower part of the housing outside the contamination zone and is only used when a germicidal treatment of the working chamber is necessary.

The safety cabinet is equipped with a microprocessor control system that alerted users about the sinking protective barrier by in addition to the optical-audible signals fades the alarms on the screen.

The position of movable parts of the removable safety cabinets that affect the protective properties is controlled by highly sensitive optical sensors.

The elevation angle of the windscreen of the safety cabinet is 130 from the vertical, thus allowing convenient editing and easy loading.

For bumpless close the safety cabinet is equipped with a hydraulic stop damper of the windscreen. This prevents the windshield breaks and allows convenient operation.

With a contactless electromagnetic key, the system is protected against unauthorized access.

The Chamber has the greatest extent, while the external dimensions of the safety workbench itself are minimal.

The safety cabinet is equipped with a HEPA filter, which ensures air cleaning efficiency of 99.9995% for 0.3 micron sized particles.

Device type: safety cabinet
Modell: BMB
Width: 1101 mm - 1200 mm
Height: 701 mm - 800 mm
Safety class: class II
Depth: 601 mm - 700 mm
Product weight: 235,00 Kg
Safety Cabinet BMB-II-Laminar-S-1,2
Air cleanliness class in the working chamber of the cabinet for suspended particles content according to ISO 14644-1-2002 5 ISO
Class of the cabinet according to EN 12469, NSF/ANSI 49-2009 II
Type of the cabinet according to NSF/ANSI 49-2009 A2
Class of the installed in the cabinet HEPA-filters according to EN 1822-1 H14
Average velocity of the inflow though the work opening, m/s 0,47 m/s
Average downflow velocity in the working chamber, m/s 0,35 m/s
Illuminance level in the working zone, lux, not less than 1000 lux
Air recirculation rate in the cabinet, % ~70 %
Dimensions of the assembled cabinet with the stand (WxDxH),mm 1200x770x2150
Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH) 1105x610x750
Mass of assembled cabinet with the stand, kg, not more than 235 kg
Maximum input power of the cabinet , W, not more than (exclusively of the load on the built-in outlets ) 180 W
Acceptable load on the built-in outlets, W, not more than 1000 W