Heidolph Rotavac Vario Control RPM regulated vacuum pump

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Heidolph Rotavac Vario Control, RPM Regulated Vacuum Pump

  • Three-stage diaphragm pump is made from chemical-resistant material.
  • High suction capacity of 1.7 m³/h for fastest evacuation.
  • Achieves an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar.
  • Even if the gas ballast valve is open an excellent ultimate vacuum is reached when working with easily condensable vapors. This makes distilling high boiling point solvents such as DMF or DMSO possible at low bath temperatures.
  • Can be combined with a condenser.
  • Power input: 160 W.
  • Weight: 5.4 kg.
  • Dimensions: L167/W236/H196 mm

RPM Regulated Vacuum Pumps

  • Speed adjustment stops completely if vacuum is reached and runs intermittently at very low speed to hold vacuum constant.
  • Increased diaphragm performance life due to periods of non-operation.
  • Significant noise and vibration reduction due to periods of non-operation.
  • Low energy consumption due to intermittent operation.
  • Operates without vacuum valve.
  • Most precise vacuum level at all times.

Advantages of all chemical-resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps:

  • All components which come in contact with media are built from chemically resistant fluoropolymer
  • The durable PTFE design guarantees an superior diaphragm lifespan
  • The head cover and clamping disc have a stable core made of metal which offers unsurpassed long-term performance of your operational parameters
  • The direct pump drive (without belt) is exceptionally quiet, creates a very low vibrational environment and reduces the need of wear and tear parts to a minimum
  • The gas ballast valve has been optimized to prevent media condensing in the pump

Max. Conveying capacity: 1,7 m³/h
Model of pump: diaphragm pump
Shipping weight: 7,40 Kg
Product weight: 5,40 Kg