witeg Wisd Aspirator Pump WEV-003S

Item number: WITEG_28001

EAN: 4064343168960

Category: witeg

Manufacturer: WITEG Labortechnik

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witeg Wisd Aspirator Pump WEV
  • Cyclically use Water, Save the Precious Water Resources.
  • Save more than 35% of Electricity than other type of Vacuum Pump.
  • Double-tap, Double-display, can be used alone or in Parallel.
  • Resist Corrosion by Acid, Alkali and Solvents.
  • The Fluid Muffler Purposemade can Reduce the Gas in Water and make the Vacuum Degree Higher and more Stable Reduce the Friction between Gas and Fluid, Reduce the Noise.
  • luorine Rubber Sealing, the inner of which can t be Intruded by Corrosive Gas.
  • Need to Replace the Water in the Flume Regularly to ensure the Purity of Water Quality, the Vacuum Degree and to Avoid Dirt Stains.
  • Can be used to Extract Corrosive Gas, need to Shorten the Period of Water Changing

Modell: WEV-003S
Model of pump: diaphragm pumplaboratory pump
Max. flow rate: 80 l/min
Shipping weight: 15,00 Kg
Product weight: 11,00 Kg
Model WEV-003S
Capacity(Water Tank) 15 Lit.
Max. Vacuum Degree 0.098 MPa
Flow 80 Lit./min
Lift 10 m
Single Tap Air Sucking Amount 10 Lit./min; 2 A
Safety Function Check Valve
Material of Water Tank PP
Dimension (WxDxH) 385 x 280 x 420 mm
Net weight 11 kg
Power Consumption 180 W
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz