Kirsch Blood Plasma Freezer FROSTER-BL-180

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Manufacturer: Philipp Kirsch

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KIRSCH Blood Plasma Freezer FROSTER-BL-180: according to DIN 58375
BL models are our top products. Each blood bank freezers features thick housing insulation and innovations as standard equipment. They are compliant with the DIN 58375 standard.

Blood Plasma Freezer FROSTER-BL-180: The combination of stainless steel drawers with panels together with a specially controlled re-circulating air cooling and the most powerful refrigerating technology guarantees a constant storage temperature of this freezer of -41°C.

  • 3·stainless steel drawers
  • Comfort controller
    • Micro-processor controlled temperature and thawing regulation to maximize temperature stability
    • Battery for power failure alarm
  • Heated door frame
  • Re-circulation air-cooling
  • Optimized ventilation plates to minimize interior temperature differences
  • Rapid defrosting
  • Melt water evaporation
  • Easy accessible control panel with key switch
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Optical and acoustical warning including power failure alarm
  • Minimum/maximum temperature memory
  • RS-485 interface for computer based temperature documentation
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission.


  • Outer panels of galvanised sheet steel (protection against sub surface rusting), white, powder coated.
  • Adjustable feet in case of uneven floor.
  • Interior of smooth aluminium with clear protective coating, hygienic, easy to clean. 3 drawers made of stainless steel on telescopic runners. Stacking height: 16 cm. Capacity per drawer app. 30 plasma cartons (each 19 x 13 x 2,5 cm), each 400 ml size.
  • Insulation, 70 mm, of high grade, pressure foamed and pro-environmental material. Extra thick for energy saving effect.
  • Self closing door with easy opening mechanism, as standard lockable. Plastic magnetic sealing, easy to change. Door does not project at side when opened.
  • Door hinge changeable (also subsequently), standard version with hinges on right (as illustrated), deliverable also with door hinge on left at no extra charge.
  • Re-circulating air-cooling with cross flow blower which keeps the temperature constant and reduces the natural temperature stratification. The cross flow blower cuts out automatically when the door is opened, for a minimum loss of cold air.
  • Defrosting with temperature and time limit function.
  • Melt water evaporation in the compressor area.
  • Temperature gear by electronic thermostat. The temperature is kept automatically independent of changes in ambient temperature.
  • Key switch protected control panel with digital temperature display, minimum/ maximum temperature memory, optical and acoustic warning signal in case of temperature deviation and power failure alarm up to 72 hours, with potential free contact for remote monitoring. Standard equipped with interface RS485.
  • Compressor, dynamic ventilated, hermetically enclosed, with vibration-proof mountings, energy saving, low noise, service friendly, for 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz mains. Other voltages on request. Length of mains cable approx. 1,8 m.

Equipment features at extra charge:

  • Castors
  • Drawer insert/dividers for stainless steel drawers
  • GSM-Module

Appliances for temperature documentation:

  • PC-Kit-Net (Network capable version), PC-Kit-Stick or PC-Kit-USB-Monitoring incl. documentation software
  • Disc-type pen recording thermometer with 7-day measuring cycle with 100 recording discs and 5 felt tip pens (freezer height then 131 cm)
  • Temperature probe PT 100 or PT 1000, 4 wire sensor, class 1/3 B with measuring flask incorporated

Modell: BL-180
Application area: blood plasma freezer
Cooling (Cooling technology): dynamic (circulation cooling)
Cooling technology: upright freezer
Lowest temperature: - 41°C
lockable: yes (door)
alarm: optical acoustical
automatic defrost: with
Width (refrigerator): 695 mm
Width inside (refrigerator): 550 mm
Explosion proof: no
Glass door: without
Height (refrigerator): 1213 mm
Height inside (refrigerator): 600 mm
Capacity (gross): 170 l
Average consumption: 5.900 kWh/24h
Depth (refrigerator): 765 mm
Depth inside (refrigerator): 520 mm
Shipping weight:110,00 Kg
Product weight:100,00 Kg
Capacity170 Litres
Temperature setting- 41°C
Voltage220 ? 240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power draft460 Watt
Average consumption5,9 kWh / 24 h
Overall dimensions incl. distance from wall and door handle69,5 x 76,5 x 121,3 (w x d x h in cm)
Interior dimensions55 x 52 x 60 (w x d x h in cm)
Usable dimensions53 x 37 x 47 (w x d x h in cm)
Overall dimensions with door open at 90°69,5 x 135,5 (w x d in cm)
Drawer inner dimensions52 x 32 x 10 (w x d x h in cm)
Loading capacity per drawer50 kg
Weight (*with discs type pen recording thermometer)
net  111,5 kg (*116 kg)
gross 124,5 kg (*129 kg)