Liebherr medicine cooling unit MKv 3910 Var. H63 (according to DIN 58345)

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Smart medicine refrigerator: Liebherr MKv 3910 Var. H63

The Liebherr MKv 3910 Var. H63 is a medicine refrigerator from the manufacturer's MediLine, which has been specially tailored to the cooling and storage of medicines. The refrigerator therefore complies with all DIN 58345 regulations and is also distinguished by the fact that it has an interface for the intelligent Liebherr SmartMonitoring System.

You can find out more about these and many other features below. In an individual consultation, we will then be happy to explain to you in more detail which refrigerator is best suited to your needs. You can reach us around the clock by phone or e-mail.

Innovative temperature control

The convenient temperature control of Liebherr refrigerators ensures that medicines are stored safely. Built-in electronics help you to do this. These refrigerators automatically and individually regulate temperature and humidity to protect stored materials from freezing temperatures.

When temperatures rise, a dynamic recirculating air cooling system reduces the temperature. Thus the climate inside the cabinet remains uniform throughout.

The lowest temperature of this model is + 2 °C. The maximum temperature is around 8 °C. The digital temperature display gives you values accurate to 0.1 °C and thus provides you with precise information about the temperature inside.

Proper storage of medicines according to DIN 58345

DIN stands for "Deutsches Institut für Normung" (German Institute for Standardisation) and defines industry standards for expert committees. DIN 58345 designates pharmaceutical refrigerators for the storage of medicines with operating temperatures from 2°C to 8°C. Currently, DIN 58345 reflects the state of the art and sets clearly defined requirements for suitable equipment for cooling medicines. This model is therefore especially suitable for the storage of medicines or vaccines.

Smart monitoring interface

With this model, you can easily retrofit Liebherr's innovative SmartMonitoring.

SmartMonitoring offers a complete solution for documenting and monitoring measurement and operating data, alarms and unit status. The SmartCoolingHub required for this can be connected directly to this unit via the prepared RS 485 interface. If you are interested in the SmartMonitoring solutions, simply contact us.

Functional dimensions and high-quality materials

The interior of the cooling units for medicinal products impresses with a hard-wearing yet easy-to-clean design made of synthetic material. The total cooling volume is 361 litres. There is enough space here, for example, to store samples and medicines or other substances.

The dimensions are 601 mm x 618 mm x 1840 mm, which makes this model easy to fit into many workspaces.

While both the outer housing and the door of the refrigerator are made of white lacquered stainless steel, robust, insensitive white plastic has been used for the inner containers. The integrated Hygiene Plus system not only makes the appliance particularly easy to clean, but also prevents the medication from freezing to the back wall, which is reinforced by a cover.

The noise level of the MediLine units is about 48 dB(A) and is thus so low that you will not be bothered by disturbing ambient noise.

Integrated storage system

In addition to 8 drawers, this model also has two shelves made of plastic-coated grates. This gives you even more generous and orderly storage space. The integrated drawers have an organiser system that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

You will find a more detailed overview of all technical information and further details in the data sheet.

Minimum energy consumption

All our Liebherr refrigeration units improve sustainability! This is because they use the sustainable refrigerants R600a and R 290 to ensure the best possible storage conditions . The refrigerant is extremely environmentally friendly as it has a very low greenhouse effect and does not destroy the ozone layer. The new refrigerants almost completely replace the previously used refrigerants R134a and R404a.

Cooling units of this series contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption. This amounts to about 309 kWh/a for this model.

Thanks to the self-closing doors and the generous insulation, this model not only protects your stored goods from unauthorised use, but also minimises energy consumption by up to 60 percent.

The best possible protection for your stored goods!

The cooling unit also ensures that temperature deviations or malfunctions do not go unnoticed, because optical and acoustic indications inform you immediately about unforeseeable changes.

If the door is opened without permission, the alarm sounds in less than a minute. In addition, the door can be locked with a separate key. The long-life battery ensures that faults or malfunctions continue to be reported for up to 30 hours even in the event of a power failure.

Even more safety with the alarm test function

In addition, the medicine refrigerator has a helpful alarm test function. This can be used to check the function of internal and any external alarm devices connected. The cooling of the unit is not interrupted during this test run. It therefore has no negative effect on your stored goods.

alarm: opticalacoustical
Scope of application: blood bank refrigeratorcommercial refrigeratorlaboratory refrigeratorpharmaceutical refrigerator
Series: MediLine
Width (refrigerator): 601 mm
Width inside (refrigerator): 440 mm
Display: Digital display
Noise level: 48 dB(A)
Glass door: without
Height (refrigerator): 1840 mm
Height inside (refrigerator): 1635 mm
Refrigerant: R 600a
Cooling capacity (gross): 361 l
Cooling technology: refrigerator
Cooling (Cooling technology): dynamic (circulation cooling)
Average consumption: 0.847 kWh/24h
Power consumption: 1.5 A
Depth (refrigerator): 618 mm
Depth inside (refrigerator): 435 mm
Lowest temperature: + 5°C
lockable: yes (door)
automatic defrost: with
Explosion proof: no
Shipping weight: 86,00 Kg
Product weight: 81,00 Kg
Dimensions: × × cm
Medicine cooling unit according to DIN 58345 MKv 3910 Var. H63 MediLine
Gross / usable volume 361 / 202 l
Expansion W x D x H (mm) 601 / 618 / 1840
Internal dimensions W x D x H (mm) 440 / 435 / 1635
Energy consumption in 365 days1 309 kWh
Environmental temperature +10 °C to +35 °C
Coolant R 600a
Noise sound power 48 dB(A)
Voltage / connected load 220 to 240V~ / 1.5 A
Cooling system dynamic
Defrosting automatic
Temperature range +5 °C
Gradient2/ maximum Fluctuation3 2.7 °C / 1.5 °C
Housing material / colour Steel / white;
Door material Steel
Interior container material Plastic white;
Type of control Electronic control
Temperature display outside digital
Mains failure alarm immediately in case of mains interruption for at least 12 hours
Alarm in the event of a fault Optical and acoustic
Interface / potential-free contact RS 485 / yes
SmartCoolingHub prepared
Interior lighting  
Number of shelves 2
of which adjustable 0
Number of pushers 8
Useable width/depth of the shelves (mm) 440 / 420
Material of the shelves Rust plastic coated
Load capacity of shelf 45 kg
Handle Bar handle with integrated Öopening mechanism
Lock present
Door self-closing yes
Door hinge right changeable
Gross / net weight 86 / 81 kg
Support grid plastic-coated On request
Connecting frame white;  
Rolling rails On request
Positioning feet On request
Converter with software (serial connection) On request
Special closures (up to 10 pcs) On request

1 measured at +25 °C ambient temperature and set temperature of +5 °C.
2 Gradient according to EN60068-3: spatial temperature distribution in the interior of the warmest and coldest measuring point including measurement uncertainty.
3 Maximum fluctuation according to EN 60068-3: Temporal temperature variation of the measuring point with the largest difference during the measuring period.

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