witeg Wisd Freezer SWUF-D

Item number: WITEG_7001

EAN: 4064343170680

Category: witeg

Manufacturer: WITEG Labortechnik

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witeg Wisd Freezer SWUF-D
  • with Certificate & Traceability: Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Dual SHFSTM(Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System) can down to -95°C and High-stability system can be offered: If one SHFS fails in operation, the other SHFS still works and maintains down to -80°C
  • Eco Mode Function for Low Power-consumption.
  • GMP Certified(Only "SWUF-D500" Model)
  • CE & RoHS Certified
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance
  • Ergonomic 7" Full Touch Screen TFT LCD(Smart-LabTM Controller)
  • WiReTMApp & Web Service.
  • Storage Management Function
  • Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Automatic Data Recording
  • Internet Connectivity with WiFi
  • Automatic Vacuum Breaker - Easy to re-open the Door.
  • Robust & Flexible design of Door Handle
  • Easy Monitoring and Control - Eye level Controller
  • CFC-free Refrigerants are used
  • External Temp. Sensor Hole
  • Use of Block Condenser removes filter and causes of related failure.
  • Filter-free Mechanism lowers heat generated by the compressor
  • Easy Maintenance and Improved Performance
  • High-quality Insulation Panel and Inner Doors ensure defrosting around outer surface.
  • Built in Standard Warning and Alarm Functions
  • RS232 Communication Link and a Remote Control Software are supported
  • GMP Certified (Only SWUF-D500 model)

Modell: SWUF-D700SWUF-D500SWUF-D400SWUF-D300
Lowest temperature: - 95°C- 90°C
automatic defrost: without
Width (refrigerator): 710 mm840 mm1120 mm
Width inside (refrigerator): 470 mm600 mm880 mm
Explosion proof: no
Glass door: without
Height (refrigerator): 1900 mm
Height inside (refrigerator): 1310 mm
Capacity (gross): 308 l393 l503 l714 l
Depth (refrigerator): 750 mm870 mm890 mm
Depth inside (refrigerator): 500 mm620 mm640 mm
lockable: no
Application area: laboratory freezerpharmaceutical freezer
Cooling technology: upright freezer
Model & Capacity SWUF-D300
308 Lit.
393 Lit.
503 Lit.
714 Lit.
Freezing System Dual Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System (Dual SHFSTM) (all Models)
Range - 95 bis - 65 °C (all Models) - 90 bis - 65 °C
at room temperature of 30°C and humidity of 70% (all Models)
Sensor PT 100 PT 100 PT 100 PT 100
Compressor Hermetic Type (all Models)
Condenser Type Block Condenser, No Pin, Filter Free Mechanism (all Models)
Refrigerant HFC ( CFC Free Refrigerant System) (all Models)
Controller & Display 7" Full Touch Screen TFT LCD (Smart-LabTM Controller)  (all Models)
Shelves Included 3 Stainless Steel Shelves (all Models)
Max. number of Racks 12pcs of 15
(3×5)-Placed Rack
16pcs of 15
(3×5)-Placed Rack
16pcs of 20
(4×5)-Placed Rack
24pcs of 20
(4×5)-Placed Rack
Material (all Models)
Internal Stainless Steel (#304)
External Powder Coated Steel Plate
Inner Door Powder Coated Stainless Steel (#304)
Others (all Models) KGMP Certified, CE & RoHS Certified
PL(Product Liability) Insurance, CFC-Free Refrigerants
Touch-Screen TFT LCD Smart-LabTM Controller
Built in Standard Warning and Alarm Functions
RS232 Communication Link, Remote Control Software
Dimension (WxDxH)
Internal 470x500x1310 mm 600x500x1310 mm 600x640x1310 mm 880x620x1310 mm
External 710x750x1900 mm 840x750x1900 mm 840x890x1900 mm 1120x870x1900 mm
Net weight 220 kg 260 kg 300 kg 320 kg
Packing Size (WxDxH) 1100 x 1100 x 2220 1160 x 1160 x 2220 1160 x 1240 x 2220 1400 x 1400 x 2210
Gross weight 300 kg 352 kg 352 kg 442 kg
Power Consumption 720 W 1.6 kW 1.6 kW 1.6 kW
Power plug type Hybrid E + F Hybrid E + F Hybrid E + F Hybrid E + F
Power supply 230 V AC, 1 N~, 50/60 Hz (all Models)