Dinies Ozone Generator

Item number: DINI_26014

EAN: 4064343179652

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Manufacturer: Dinies

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Dinies Ozone Generator

Ozone is a natural cleaning agent to keep the atmosphere clean. It is formed from oxygen, to which energy from UV radiation, lightning, etc. is added.
Ozone is a very aggressive oxidizing agent in the oxidation which splits and eliminates odors, grease, bacteria, spores, viruses, etc. Only oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other non-hazardous substances remain as residues.
Ozone has a half-life of about 40 minutes and is then reduced again automatically to oxygen.

All models are equipped with UV C ozone generating lamps with a life span of about 8000 hours. The robust casing is made of anodized aluminum. The ozone generators are available as standalone devices with a power cable and cord switch option or as a wall-mounted unit.

The DINIES OZONE devices are outstanding on account of their:
  • very elegant design and robust aluminum casing
  • combination of ozone lamps producing UV C radiation
  • service life of some 8000 operating hours

OZONE devices are used primarily:
  • for odor removal in public sanitary facilities, hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes for the elderly
  • in small office canteens to eliminate the smell of food
  • in manicure salons
  • in locker rooms to eliminate the smell of sweat
  • in undertakers' businesses
  • for renovations and refurbishments
  • for ozone disinfection of areas (animal husbandry, livestock breeding)

Device type: ozone generator
Modell: OG144OG44ZOG
Shipping weight: 10,00 Kg
Model ZOG OG44 OG144
Recommended room size 80 - 200 m3 20 m3 60 m3
Recommended period of operation in the presence of humans 1 h - -
Ozone production (lamps) 200 mg/h 2000 mg/h 6000 mg/h
Noise level dB 25 60 60
Dimensions 100x100x495mm 145x145x450mm 145x145x600mm
Disinfection no yes yes
odor neutralisation yes yes yes