STERILSYSTEMS Disinfection airlock DS400

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Manufacturer: STERILSYSTEMS GmbH

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STERILSYSTEMS Disinfection airlock DS400
Surface disinfection The disinfection

airlock DS400 serves for the removal of unwanted micro-organisms on surfaces of small units like parcels, letters, tools, laboratory glasses and similar utensils.
After placing the items in the compact stainless steel housing, the unit is started with a rocker switch and reliable disinfection of the microorganisms can begin. In addition, the duration of the disinfection can be pre-set accordingly via a time relay.
The safety device ensures that the radiators are switched off when opened during operation.
The DS400 is equipped with a flap on both sides.

Effect: The very high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction. The wavelength at 253.7 nm is absorbed by the cell nucleic acids and, depending on the irradiation dose, leads to the killing or damage of bacteria and fungal spores. The UV-C light is therefore used for the targeted killing or damage of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and moulds) by up to 99.99%.

Equipment/mounting: The high-quality and compact stainless steel housing is equipped with 2 UV-C lamps and inspection flaps for reliable UV-C shielding. Furthermore, the DS400 is equipped with a time relay and 2 safety switches for reliable personal protection. Supplied ready to plug in with 3m connection cable.

Surface disinfection
Surfaces hygienically perfect. Completely without chemicals on a purely physical basis.
A germ-free production is indispensable in food processing companies. Especially in meat cutting and sausage production, in slicing and the production of convenience products or in cutting plants that process fruit and pure vegetables into fresh-cut products.
UV-C surface disinfection units of STERILSYSTEMS are decisive quality components in the hygiene chain and ensure a hygienically perfect production.

Width: up to 600 mm
Height: up to 500 mm
Depth: up to 500 mm
Disinfection: Surface
Device type: UV SanitizerUV chamberUV mobileUV Box
Shipping weight: 21,50 Kg
Product weight: 18,00 Kg
Dimensions: × × cm
STERILE SYSTEMS Disinfection airlock DS400-300
Dimensions H x W x D 500 x 420 x 445 mm
Material housing V2A
Performance 60 W
Voltage 230V ±10% (50Hz) or 12V ±10
Weight approx. 18 kg
Identification CE