STERILSYSTEMS Mobile UV-C measuring device SP

Item number: STER_26022

EAN: 4064343343787


Manufacturer: STERILSYSTEMS GmbH

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STERILSYSTEMS Mobile UV-C measuring device SP
Application areas: Applicable for all UV-C devices - especially in the field of UV disinfection of air, surfaces and water.

The SP200 is a mobile UV-C measuring device and is used to determine the UV-C irradiance or irradiation dose when disinfecting with UVC devices.

Function: The versatile SP200 measuring instrument is suitable for determining the UV-C irradiance and the total irradiation dose over a certain period of time. The measuring process is fully automatic, the existing sensor temperature is displayed. The determined values can be recorded with an integrated screen shot button.
The SP SAFE is used for health and safety monitoring and personal exposure monitoring in connection with UV disinfection.

Features: handy size; clear display; 8 hours of use thanks to lithium battery; adapted for use with low pressure UV-C lamps Application note

: Protect eyes and skin before using the UV-C radiation source. The UV sensor reacts to strong solar radiation, take this into account when carrying out exposure measurements. The combination of smartphone and UV sensor allows for user-friendly measurements.

Width: up to 600 mm
Height: up to 500 mm
Depth: up to 500 mm
Disinfection: AirSurfaceWater
Device type: UV mobile
Shipping weight: 1,14 Kg
Product weight: 0,14 Kg
Dimensions: × × cm
UV-C measuring device
Dimension L?x?B?x?H 145?x?75?x?10 mm 145?x?75?x?10 mm
Measuring range sensor 0 to 200 mW/cm2 0 to 180 µW/cm2
Display 5 inch display, 16:9 5 inch display, 16:9
Battery charger 5.2 V DC supply Charger 230 V AC 5.2 V DC supply Charger 230 V AC
Battery capacity 2800 mAh 2800 mAh
Memory Smartphone 8 GB 8 GB
Sensor output D-USB D-USB
Weight 140g (Smartphone) 140g (Smartphone)
Scope of delivery Smartphone, software/application, sensor, case Smartphone, software/application, sensor, case
Accessories Sensor holder for UV-C lamp measurement Sensor holder for UV-C lamp measurement