Item number: ELGA_21062

EAN: 4064343192767

Category: ELGA

Manufacturer: VWS Deutschland

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The BIOPURE 200/300/600 reduces the contamination risk to patients by feeding high purity water at the point of use to large automated washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors. The quality of the purified water is maintained through the use of in-line UV sterilization, ion exchange and molecular ultrafiltration.

  • Delivers up to 30 liters per minute of compliant water
  • Meets the latest medical standards (EN15883, HTM2030/2031, NHS MESc52, MDA/HIS, ISO 15883 part 4, EN285)
  • Guaranteed bacterial specification of <1 CFU/10ml provided by the integrated purification technologies all located inside one single system.
  • Easy to use monthly disinfection program.
  • Compact size due to its integrated 350 liter reservoir
  • Full service and validation support

Booster pump: without
Storage tank - tank: with
Water source: from the water mains
Power: 300 l/h
Water treatment type: pure water system
Modules: RO-moduleUV-modules
Product weight: 180,00 Kg
Treated Water Specifications


Make-up rate at 15°C

300 l/hr

Delivery flow rate - maximum

Up to 30 l/min at 52psi (3.5bar)

Inorganics (conductivity at 25°C)


Bacteria - typical



<0.25 EU/ml

Dimensions and weights



Height 1820 mm (71.7in)
Width 730 mm (28.75in)
Depth 890 mm (35in)

Supply weight

180 kg (396 lb)

Operational weight

530 kg (1168 lb)


Floor Mounted2)

Electrical Requirements


Mains Input

230V ac, 50Hz/60Hz

System control voltage
(not including pumps and UV)

24V dc

Power consumption (peak demand)


Electrical protection rating

20 amps

Noise level during recirculation


Feedwater Requirement



Tap water as detailed below


<1400 µS/cm


4 - 40°C (Recommended 15 - 25°C)

Flowrate (requirement at 15°C)

20 l/min

Drain requirements
(gravity fall with air gap)

45 l/min

Feedwater pressure

150psi (10bar) maximum
30psi (2bar) minimum



Measure Range Pretreatment
Calcium Ca ppm as CaCO3 <250 None3)
<250 Softner or use very low RO recovery3)
Free chlorine Cl2 ppm <0.1 None
0.1 - 0.5 20 inch carbon block
>0.5 Cylinder of carbon sized correctly to obtain <0.1ppm
Chloramine Cl2 ppm <0.1 None
0.1 - 0.5 20 inch high efficiency carbon4)
>0.5 Cylinder of carbon sized correctly to obtain <0.1ppm
Silica SiO2 ppm <30 None
>30 20 inch cartridge depth filter or use very low RO recovery4)
Fouling index FI <10 None
10 to 20 20 inch cartridge depth filter
>20 Back washable media filter with a minimum flow rate of 20 l/min
Iron/manganese Fe/Mn ppm <0.05 None
>0.05 20 inch cartridge depth filter5)
>0.1 Back-washable Fe filter6)
Organics TOC ppm C <2 None
2 to 3 20 inch carbon block4)
>3 Cylinder of carbon sized correctly for TOC demand4)

1)System to be installed and regularly disinfected following ELGA LabWater installation design guidelines. Sample to be taken from hygienic sample valve and sampled in accordance with ELGA LabWater Guidelines.
2)Install in a properly ventilated area. All connections - Inlet, sanitization drain, reservoir drain, ringmain outlet and return are 3/4" BSPP (female).
3)Check LSI, increase frequency of acid cleaning.
4)Increase frequency of alkaline cleaning.
5)Please use ELGA Part Numbers LA683 (Filter Housing) and LC172 (Carbon Filter).
6)Increase frequency of acid cleaning.