ELGA CENTRA R200 - Variable Speed

Item number: ELGA_21065

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Manufacturer: VWS Deutschland

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ELGA CENTRA R200 - Variable Speed

CENTRA has revolutionized the treatment, storage and distribution of clean water. Instead of a conventionally designed laboratory water system of complex assembled components and pipelines You can now choose a single, integrated system. The CENTRA-R 200 is a complete system for processing, storage, control and distribution of water. Your reverse osmosis module produces up to 200 liters of water per hour, as well as the plant is equipped with a 0.2 micron filter.
  • With its compact design, the system can be flexibly installed in new buildings and also for modernization. The small footprint allows placement near the work areas. Thus, the cost and installation requirements are waived long pipelines.
  • Reliable and continuous supply of pure water with unique access control, leakage protection system and comprehensive audiovisual alarms that can be connected to a building management system.
  • Optimized water purity through integrated treatment technologies. The recirculating water is out and filtered through a UV module. Water quality can optionally be enhanced by deionization.
  • Provides 200 liters of treated water per hour with a ring line throughput of up to 30 liters per minute. The potential range of water qualities range from clean water from reverse osmosis permeate through to ultra pure water type I with 18.2 Mohm cm.
  • Low values by microbial tank vent filter, shower head water distribution and smooth surfaces in the tank as well as UV-photooxidation and 0.2 micron filter in the loop.

Modell: R200
Water treatment model: ultrapure water systempure water system
Booster pump: with
Capacity: 30 l/min
Storage tank - tank: with
Water source: from the water mains
Modules: UV-modulesRO-module
Product weight: 178,00 Kg
Treated Water Specifications
Flowrate (exit from unit) - l/min 30
Output pressure (exit from unit) - bar 3
Inorganics up to 18,2 MOhm/cm 1)
Bacteria - typical < 5 KBE/ml 2)
Particle 0,2 µm-filtration
Dimensions and weights
Dimensions Height 1.820 mm
Width 730 mm
Depth 890 mm
Weight (empty) 180 kg
Operational weight 530 kg
Feedwater Requirements
Source Potable tap water as detailed below.
Treatment by reverse osmosis
or deionization recommended
Fouling Index (maximal) 5
Feedwater-Flowrate (maximal) - l/min 40
Feedwater Pressure 0,1 bar minimal, 10 bar maximal
Temperature 1 - 40°C
(Recommended 15 - 25°C)
Drain requirements
(gravity fall with air gap) - l/min
Electrical Requirements
Mains input 230 V AC, 50 Hz
System control voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption during recirculation 1,2 KW
Electrical protection rating 20 A
Noise level during recirculation <65 dBA

1) When using a suitable ion exchange system
2) Depending on feed water quality and proper installation and regular disinfection