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Manufacturer: VWS Deutschland

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The PURELAB 3000 series is ideal for all high usage applications requiring Type III water. The flexibility of the system means that it can be easily upgraded to provide Type II pure water or increased capacity should requirements change. Pure water can be used direct from the internal 50 liter reservoir or fed to much larger vessels as required.
  • Auto rinse and simple sanitization procedures maintain the purity of water for the life of the system
  • A variety of connections and distribution pumps are available to cater for a diverse range of applications

For operating a PURELAB 3000/7000 system, a starter kit 1 or 2 is required.

Modell: 3060
Water treatment model: pure water system
Booster pump: without
Capacity: 60 l/h
Storage tank - tank: with
Water source: of ion exchangerfrom the water mains
Product weight: 52,00 Kg
Model PURELAB 3060
Treated Water Specifications
Make-up rate at 15°C 60 l/hr
Daily usage - typical 480 liters
Daily usage - maximum 1440 liters
Delivery flowrate -
Inorganics rejection >95%
Inorganics (resistivity at 25°C) >10 MOhm-cm 1)2)
Bacteria - typical -
Organics (TOC) - typical <50 ppb 1)
Particles >99% Rejection 1)
Dimensions and weights
Dimensions Height 820mm (32.8in)
834mm (33.4in) including castors
Width 794mm (31.8in)
Depth 470mm (18.8in)
Supply weight 52kg
Operational weight 109kg
Installation Floor/bench
Feedwater Requirements
Source Tap water as detailed below
Conductivity <2000 µS/cm*
Hardness <250 ppm as CaCO3
Free chlorine <4 ppm Cl2
Chloramine <1 ppm as Cl2
Silica <30 ppm SiO2
Fouling Index <10 FI
Iron/manganese <0.1 ppm Fe/Mn
Organics <3 ppm TOC
Temperature 4 - 40°C
(Recommended 15 - 25°C)
Flowrate (maximum requirement at 15°C) 9 l/min
Drain requirements (gravity fall with air gap) 20 l/min
Feedwater pressure 6 bar (90 psi) maximum
2 bar (30 psi) minimum
Electrical Requirements
Mains input 230V ac, 50Hz
115V ac, 60Hz
System control voltage (not including pumps and UV) 24V dc
Power consumption (peak demand) 650VA
Electrical protection rating 10 amps

Specifications are for a system fed with a suitable water supply and installed, operated and sanitized according to the operator manuals.
1) Quality of water feeding t he reservoir. Quality out of reservoir depends on use and design.
2) With optional deionization cartridge fitted.

Failure to comply with the feedwater pretreatment recommendations will affect the life and performance of key components and may invalidate the warranty. Feedwater requirements are specified for units fitted with a Protek L2 pretreatment cartridge. If feedwater purity is variable or values are outside any of the above ranges, additional pretreatment is recommended to be installed in the feedwater supply to the unit.

Deionization cartridge life may vary with feedwater >1400 µS/cm