ELGA PURELAB Ultra Genetic

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Manufacturer: VWS Deutschland

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ELGA PURELAB Ultra Genetic

The new system is the intelligent PURELAB Ultra pure water system for the most critical applications. It differs from other systems through a variety of innovative and unique quality features and sets new standards in the production of ultrapure water quality of 18.2 MOhm-cm and higher.
  • Maximum inorganic purity by unique PureSure system
  • Real-time TOC monitoring provides reliable information on the organic quality in the two-second intervals
  • Economic working at very high product water safety thanks PureSure system
  • Constant low bacterial content through complete disinfection of all components in contact with water

To operate a PURELAB Ultra system two twin pack preparation cartridges Type LC182, 183, 184 o. 185 required.
The Twin Pack purification cartridges type LC182, 183, 184 o. 185 must be ordered separately.

Modell: UltraGenetic
Water treatment model: ultrapure water system
Booster pump: without
Capacity: 2 l/min
Storage tank - tank: without
Water source: of ion exchangerfrom reverse osmosis system
Modules: ultrafiltration moduleUV-modules
Shipping weight: 20,00 Kg
Product weight: 15,00 Kg
model Genetic
Treated Water Specifications
Flowrate 2,0 l/min max.
Inorganics 18,2 MOhm-cm
TOC 1 - 3 ppb 1)
Bacteria <0,1 KBE/ml 2)
Bacterial endotoxin <0,001 EU/ml
pH Effectively neutral
Particles Ultrafiltration
RNase/DNase removed
Labpure cartridge capacity (LC 182) Liters at 18,2 MOhm-cm
= 80,000 / µS/cm
+ ( 2,3 x ppm CO2 )
Dimension and weight
Dimension Height 490 mm (19,3")
Width 410 mm (16,2")
Depth 365 mm (14,4")
weight 15,0 kg (33,1 lb)
Feedwater Requirements
Parameter Limits
Source - originally from potable supply, then pre-treate Preferably reverse osmosis (RO) or filtered service deionisation (SDI) or distilled.
Note: mixed bed or twin bed deionised supplies should be cation limited at exhaustion
Fouling Index (max.)
A 0.2 micron membrane prefilter is recommended for all non-RO feeds
Service Deionization (SDI) - MO-cm 1 MOhm-cm minimum resistivity at exhaustion
Reverse Osmosis (RO) - µS/cm Recommended <30 µS/cm
Free chlorine 0,05 ppm max.
TOC 50 ppb max.
Carbon dioxide 30 ppm max.
Silica 2 ppm max.
Particulates Filtration down to 0.2 micron advisable
to protect internal and/or point of use filters
temperature 1 - 40°C,
Recommended 10 - 15°C
Flowrate (maximum requirement) 130 l/h
Drain requirements (gravity fall with air gap). Maximum during service up to 2 l/min
Feedwater Pressure 0,7 bar (10 psi) Maximum,
0,07 bar (1 psi) Minimum
Electrical Requirements
Mains input 100 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
System voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption during recirculation 60 VA
Power consumption during dispense 75 VA
Fuses 2 x T 6,3A
Reservoir level connection Jack Plug 3,5 mm
Noise level during recirculation <40 dBA

1) Recommended feeding depending on the input water < 50 ppb TOC.
2) with final filter