GeWaPur High quality mixed bed resin MX-2

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GeWaPur High quality mixed bed resin ResinexTM MX-2

ResinexTM MX-2 is a ready, regenerable mixed bed resin, specifically developed for the demineralisation and the polishing stage in a variety of applications. The product is a mixture of ResinexTM K-8 and ResinexTM A-4 with a volumetric mixing ratio of 1:1.5, is completely regenerated, and allows an electrical conductivity of 0.1 µS/cm during the entire operation. The use of strongly basic anion exchanger type 1, a very low silicic acid slippage is guaranteed. The specific grain size distribution of ResinexTM MX-2 supports a good separability of the components.

  • High mechanical stability
    • low abrasion and low pressure loss
  • low conductivity
    • Allows a conductivity of 0.1 µS/cm in all common mixed bed applications
  • High Usable Capacity
    • Ensures a cost-effective operation
  • Very low silicic acid slippage
    • During the entire term

typical applications
  • laboratories
  • Cartridges for example, irons, ...
  • Polishing Mixed Bed in small businesses
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Modell: MX-2
Shipping weight: 1,20 Kg
Product weight: 1,00 Kg
Type Polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer
appearance gel form, amber / white, globular
functional group Sulfonic acid / quaternary ammonium groups
whole pearls 95% min
delivery form H+/OH-
Particle size range 0,40 - 1,25 mm
Uniformity Coefficient 1,6 max
bulk density 740 kg/m3
Mixing ratio (cation: anion) 1 : 1,5
water content 45 - 55%
usable capacity cation: ca. 0,85 eq/l
anion: ca 0,65 eq/l
volume change
regenerated > exhausted
15% max
pH stability 0 - 14
layer height > 600 mm
Specific load 20BV/h