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The fields of application of laboratory furnaces are multifaceted. Whether in the laboratory sector, industry or development - laboratory and industrial furnaces are designed for a very wide range of applications, always geared to customer requirements and customer applications. From the rubber factory to the laboratory. From simple muffle furnaces for annealing to high-temperature furnaces. The wide range of laboratory furnaces from the leading laboratory and industrial furnace manufacturers Nabertherm, Thermconcept and WITEG Labortechnik are not only used in research but also in various laboratories.

What are the differences between the different manufacturers? Is it possible to order various custom-made products and which additional equipment can be ordered?

A comparison of our partners

We help you with an overview to select the right device for your optimal success and introduce you to our manufacturer partners in more detail.


Based in Lilienthal, Lower Saxony, Germany, Nabertherm has been developing and producing industrial furnaces for a wide range of applications for over 70 years.

While in 1954, after the company had moved from Bremen to Lilienthal, 15 employees worked for the positive development of their customers, today there are more than 500 employees who work daily for their customers. This growth speaks for the great success of the once small company. Customers and employees trust in the innovative production, the outstanding quality and the optimal working conditions under which industrial and laboratory furnaces are manufactured directly in Germany. Nabertherm has the largest range of industrial furnaces in the world. From simple muffle furnaces for annealing to high-temperature furnaces. With the desired gassing or vacuum - always and reliably related to the end application at you, our customer. Our team of skilled workers will be pleased to advise and support you in selecting the right device for successful use in your field with optimum results.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied and successful customers in more than 100 countries impressively demonstrate the company's success with excellent yet practical design and above-average quality at convincing prices.

Founded in September 1947 by Conrad Naber in Bremen, Germany, Nabertherm is a traditional family-owned company with exemplary values, essential financial strength and independence. In this way, Nabertherm is able to hold its own on the international market in the field of furnace construction and ensure the high technical standard in all its equipment.

The market leader Nabertherm convinces all along the line. The company offers very fast delivery times, so that every order is delivered to you quickly and promptly and nothing stands in the way of your work success. A good service is a matter of course at Nabertherm and fulfils all expectations that are unmistakably characteristic of customer satisfaction. But what distinguishes good service in detail? Nabertherm's service consists of optimum availability for you as an end customer and for us as a supplier. The service team of the family business can be contacted conveniently by e-mail at any time of day or night, and of course also by telephone at the usual service times and by fax. You can obtain the contact data from our ProfiLab24 consultants or via the Internet site of the market leader Nabertherm.

Likewise, friendly, polite and competent employees always have an open ear for all concerns of the customer and react quickly and reliably to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction.

Since custom-made products can also be easily and uncomplicatedly produced by the family business, excellent advice is a matter of course for the Nabertherm team.

As you can see, there is hardly a reason not to trust a market leader like Nabertherm. Our ProfiLab24 team is at your side at all times and mediates between you as a customer and the manufacturer according to your wishes. In a consultation you tell us your special wishes and we clarify everything else with Nabertherm. In this way you will receive the optimum device for your area of application and can be confident that both your special requests and your standard articles will underline your success in the best possible way.

You can request and order accessories for your industrial or laboratory furnace from us at any time. We can handle orders for individual parts as well as requests for maintenance and repair without any problems.

Could we convince you with the manufacturer Nabertherm? If you still have unanswered questions, we look forward to hearing from you. But we would also like to introduce another company to you.


With almost 20 years of experience in the field of furnace construction and founded in Bremen, Germany's smallest federal state, the manufacturer Thermconcept has dedicated itself to the production and sale of thermal machines and industrial and laboratory furnaces. The production also includes control technology for mechanical engineering, the metalworking industry, for foundries and for the production of technical ceramics.

With the "Made in Germany" seal, Thermconcept creates a diverse spectrum of electrically and fuel-heated industrial furnaces and associated systems for temperature ranges from 50 to 2000 °C. Thermconept does not only offer a wide range of standard furnaces. The company, which manufactures in Germany, also supplies furnace systems that are tailored to the individual application areas and fields of application of all customers.

The basis of Thermconcept's success lies in the company's own demand for innovative innovations and the clear goal of supplying customers with the best possible equipment in the laboratory, industrial, development and foundry sectors to their complete satisfaction. The employees have a well-founded excellent specialist knowledge, with which they can easily advise the customer in the best possible way before and after the purchase of the selected industrial and laboratory furnace.

Thermconcept's large team includes highly qualified development and design engineers, hardware and software professionals, technicians and mechanics. For your optimal success and your field of application, the skilled workers develop proven and mature solutions in the field of laboratory and industrial furnaces, which are not only convincing in performance, but also reasonable in price.

Just as with the other competitors on the market, Thermconcept is also able to easily order one or more individual furnace systems, specially adapted to your personal application, with a furnace temperature of up to 2000°C. Special designs selected by you and selected for your application are therefore possible without any problems and all heat treatment systems from 50 - 2000° C are available.

In cooperation with you, in which the personal and detailed consultation and coordination is of great importance for Thermconcept, a furnace system is created which gives you the certainty that your complex demands on the respective device will be fulfilled correctly and profitably.

Thermconcept does not only stand for excellent, individual advice before purchasing your equipment in the fields of industrial and laboratory furnaces, the employees are of course also there for you as a customer after the commissioning of the respective furnace. Whether you have questions or concerns about the maintenance of your industrial or laboratory furnace or a necessary repair is unavoidable - the Thermconcept team will help you quickly and reliably. In the event that heating elements need to be replaced or other technical problems need to be solved, Thermconcept staff will be happy to assist you and assist you in eliminating all necessary measures. The brand manufacturer likes to present this service as a trademark and thus gains the trust of satisfied customers.

Sometimes Thermconcept's equipment delivery time is slightly longer than that of other brand manufacturers who also produce in Germany. Nevertheless, the high service quality of the Bremen-based company must be emphasised if you decide on a Thermconcept industrial and laboratory furnace.

Our highly trained specialists from ProfiLab24 will of course be happy to support and advise you individually. In a personal conversation, our experts will find out which furnace system is the right one for your field of application with specific questions. So nothing stands in the way of your success results and you can rely not only on the optimum performance of the equipment, but also on the fact that competent partners are at your side to solve your problems in the event of an emergency.

But not only Nabertherm and Thermconcept are our leading brands in the field of laboratory and industrial furnace systems. We would be pleased to introduce you to our third partner, also producing in Germany.

WITEG Labortechnik

Our third partner in the field of laboratory and industrial furnace construction is Witeg Labortechnik. The successful company, based in Wertheim in the beautiful Baden-Württemberg region of Germany, produces and manufactures its products, which now exceed 30,000, also in Germany.

Founded in 1960, the medium-sized company initially specialized in the development of various glass devices. At present, almost the entire range of laboratory requirements is offered in the most diverse countries worldwide. In addition to the heating systems for industrial and laboratory furnaces, you will also find countless other products that are beneficial to your field of application. This ensures optimal success in your field of application in chemistry, pharmacy and medicine.

Witeg Labortechnik has set itself the task of fulfilling all customer requirements to the fullest satisfaction. It is a matter of course for the company to meet the quality requirements of its customers in the best possible way. Witeg Labortechnik's quality management system has been officially certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for over 15 years and since 1994. This guarantees that the group meets the highest internationally recognised quality requirements for your laboratory technology.

The trading company is aware of the fact that no success is possible without qualified and committed employees and is particularly happy to invest time and resources in order to achieve optimum quality in all its successes. It goes without saying that we do not only invest in excellently trained employees. In addition, Witeg Labortechnik attaches great importance to the use of state-of-the-art computer-aided systems and techniques. This ensures the first-class quality of all articles offered.

How are the offered products created? The group combines German engineering and technical knowledge with a partner from South Korea. The majority of all newly created equipment or other laboratory supplies, such as consumables, are designed by the extensive and excellent specialist knowledge of the engineers working in Germany. In cooperation with the South Korean partner, the company can offer the optimal equipment for your area of application. There is no doubt that only selected and best materials are used in the production process. In this way, Witeg Labortechnik ensures a consistent and lasting application time at a later stage in the manufacturing process, which is free of susceptible malfunctions that would be detrimental to your success in the respective field of application.

All electrical components which are installed in the respective devices are continuously kept up to date with the latest technology. Constant monitoring of the developing machinery in the areas of innovation and further development is an indispensable matter of course for the manufacturer.

A big plus for you as a customer is the identical construction as well as the consistent design of all laboratory and industrial furnaces. This advantage is particularly important when it comes to spare parts, various components or technical parts. This makes it possible to replace Witeg Labortechnik products quickly and reliably without complications. In this way, the working method and the associated organisation in your laboratory is only influenced in a very entertaining way and so that no longer breakdowns will occur during your demanding laboratory applications or diverse production processes.

As Witeg Labortechnik's wide range of laboratory products is based on only one technology, there are several advantages for you as a customer. One of the most important is the cost advantage. On the basis of this uniform technology, the products of this manufacturer are always inexpensive, which the company is happy to pass on to its customers.

As already mentioned, customer satisfaction is a major concern of Witeg Labortechnik, therefore the manufacturer has defined the principle that every purchased device is checked twice for functionality before delivery.  As a customer, you can be sure that you will receive a fully functional device for your user area. Upon delivery, you will receive a quality test certificate from Witeg Labortechnik after successful functional testing. This contains the final data of the respective inspection and is awarded the "German Engineering" seal with individual quality certificate. Not only in Germany, but worldwide, the terms "German Engineering" and "Made in Germany" stand as a kind of seal of quality for technology and products of all kinds, also in the technical field.

Product standards in the manufacturing process according to the guidelines of ISO 9001 ensure the excellent quality of the articles from the laboratory area of the manufacturer Witeg Labortechnik.

Sometimes our technical advisors find a longer delivery time for some Witeg Labortechnik products. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly trained team will provide you with advice and support and is guaranteed to find the right product for your application.


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