MACHEREY-NAGEL NANO reagent case with photometer PF-3 COD

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MACHEREY-NAGEL NANO reagent case with photometer PF-3 COD

MACHEREY-NAGEL Compact photometer PF-3 COD (For mobile COD analysis)
Compact photometer PF-3 COD (no reagents), in carton. As an evaluation device for NANOCOLOR tube incl. manual, batteries and certificate
PF-3 and NANOCOLOR - The perfect team for COD analysis
  • Compact photometer with intuitive menu guidance
  • Robust and water-proof according to IP 68
  • COD analysis according to ISO 15705
  • 9 different measuring ranges with just one instrument
  • Mobile use right at the point of interest
Reliable COD analysis
COD levels play a major role in assessing communal and industrial waste water. As a sum parameter indicating the organic load of waste water, COD is one of the most important parameters in waste water analysis. Among others, COD values are used to calculate and monitor the purification capacities of waste water plants.
The new PF-3 COD version of the compact photometer PF-3 and its 3 wave lengths are specifically designed for COD analysis. It is ideally suited for mobile use directly at the place of sampling. Together with the user friendly NANOCOLOR tests, you can obtain information on the COD content quickly and easily. NANOCOLOR tube test and the PF-3 allow a complete COD determination between 2 - 60000 mg/L.

Small and tough - Ideal for all your analysis needs in the lab and right at the point of interest
  • Handy and light weight
  • Glass-fiber reinforced housing
  • Water proof according to IP 68
  • Shock-resistant optics
Easy and convenient - Safe results and convenient operation
  • Fully developed menu structure using just 4 buttons
  • Measurement of reagent blank not necessary
  • Open cuvette slot
Smart and clever - Flexible use and easy data administration
  • Runs on standard or rechargeable batteries
  • Free of charge data export software
  • Add new tests and parameters anytime
  • Power supply and data transfer via USB port
Reliable and accurate - High measurement safety for reliable water analysis
  • Intuitive handling and high measurement accuracy
  • Simple chemical-analytical methods
  • Reaction principles based on international standards (DIN, EN, ISO)
  • Low interference susceptibility ensures safe results
Precise and versatile - Especially high accuracy due to pre-dosed reagents
  • Pre-dosed tubes for quick and easy measurements
  • Reaction and detection in the same tube
  • No direct contact with chemicals
  • Ideal for routine analytics and self-monitoring
Fair and economical - Consistently fair concept with impressive price-performance ratio
  • Individual combination of reagent bundles
  • Free of charge seminars and product training
  • Competent customer service by highly educated and experienced professionals
  • Replacement instruments immediately available in case of repairs
This device complies with the following directives: 
2006/95/EG - Low-Voltage Directive 
2004/108/EG - EMC Directive

NANOCOLOR analysis case 
To ensure maximum flexibility, MACHEREY-NAGEL offers practical case solutions for a wide variety of applications.
These mini labs in tough cases with premium foam inlays are available with or without photometer and can be equipped with different tests for individual needs.
The NANOCOLOR reagent case with compact photometer PF-3 is especially designed for quick COD analysis right at the point of interest. It can be equipped with all the tools that are necessary for your work (heating block, pipettes, etc.). Additionally, up to 3 NANOCOLOR COD boxes can be stowed within the case.
The COD tests can be run by chemically inexperienced safely, quickly and easily.
Furthermore, the NANOCOLOR COD tests, COD 160, COD 600, and COD 1500 conform to the ISO 15705 norms in all areas.

Modell: PF-3 COD
Analytical device: filter photometer
Width (Analytical devices): 95 mm
Height (Analytical devices): 68 mm
Depth (Analytical devices): 170 mm
Shipping weight: 4,00 Kg
Product weight: 2,00 Kg
Type: MACHEREY-NAGEL Compact photometer PF-3 COD
LED photometer with 3 interference filters
Wavelengths: 365 nm, 450 nm, 595 nm
Wavelength accuracy: + 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10 - 12 nm
Measuring modes: Pre-programmed tests
Cuvette holder: Tubes 16 mm OD
Memory: 50 results
Display: Backlit graphic display, result with unit
Operation: Self-explanatory menu guidance, plastic foil keypad test selection via parameter lists
Power supply: 3 AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, USB interface; optional internal accu-pack
Housing: Water proof, IP 68 certified
Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 68 mm
Accessories NANO Reagent case/PF-3 COD
  • Accessories NANO Reagent case/PF-3 COD
  • Accessories NANO Reagent case/PF-3 COD
  • Accessories NANO Reagent case/PF-3 COD
  • Accessories NANO Reagent case/PF-3 COD
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