MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR reagent cases with photometer PF-3 Soil

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MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR reagent cases with photometer PF-3 Soil
VISOCOLOR reagent cases with Compact photometer PF-3 Soil (NH4, K, NO3, PO4 ), in carton As an evaluation device for VISOCOLOR ECO tests and NANOCOLOR tube tests incl. manual, batteries and certificate

The new the PF-3 Soil covers four important soil analysis parameters. Determining the ammonium, potassium, phosphate and nitrate content, can provide a fast and reliable information on the soil quality. Similar to the Pool / Drinking Water, the photometer is based on the measurement of light absorption caused by the sample solution at three different wavelengths (365 nm, 450 and 660 nm). Thus, new tests as well as new case solutions with and without pre-packed reagents extend the existing case portfolio.

Small - Strong - Smart
  • Intuitive menu guidance
  • Water proof according to IP 68
  • USB connection and free software
  • Optional 0-Set function
  • Add new tests anytime for free
Addition to the MN family
The new compact photometer PF-3 is the smallest and youngest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to our product portfolio and perfectly fits our tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

At the core of the PF-3, there are premium high precision optics with especially selected LEDs and first-rate interference filters. As the PF-3 is equipped with three different wavelengths, it will be available in multiple versions for different applications:
  • PF-3 POOL
  • PF-3 Drinking water
  • PF-3 Soil
  • PF-3 COD
Small and compact - Ideal for all your analysis needs in the lab and in the field
  • Handy and easy to carry
  • Light and mobile
  • Compact dimensions
Strong and tough - Safe results even under the most difficult conditions
  • Glass-fiber reinforced housing
  • Water proof according to IP 68
  • Shock-resistant optics
Easy and convenient - Convenient operation without the need for time consuming training
  • Intuitive operation using just 4 buttons
  • Fully developed menu structure
  • Bright display
  • Open cuvette slot
Smart and clever - High measurement safety and easy data administration
  • Evaluation of both VISOCOLOR ECO and NANOCOLOR tests
  • Results in different units
  • Optional storage for just one 0-measurement
  • Data transfer via USB
Safe and flexible - Consistent and safe workflow
  • Runs on standard or rechargeable batteries
  • Power supply via USB port
  • Optional internal accu-pack chargeable via USB
Individual and adaptive - Convenient operation with the perfect case for your need
  • Various case solutions including reagents
  • Rugged cases with premium foam inlays
  • Flexible case content for multiple applications
Fair and economical - Consistently fair concept with impressive price-performance ratio
  • Free of charge data export software
  • Add new tests and parameters anytime
  • Cost efficient photometer and reagent bundles
This device complies with the following directives:
2006/95/EG - Low-Voltage Directive
2004/108/EG - EMC Directive

The following accessories can be purchased separately:
  • Mini USB cable for PF-3
  • Accu pack for PF-3
The following PF-3 models are also available with reagent case:
  • PF-3 Pool, in a case with foam inlay, incl. manual, batteries, certificate and accessories
  • PF-3 Soil, in a case with foam inlay, incl. manual, batteries, certificate and accessories
  • PF-3 COD, in a case with foam inlay, incl. manual, batteries, certificate and accessories

MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR reagent case without test kits

This VISOCOLOR reagent case allows the individual combination of test kits from the VISOCOLOR ECO- and HE programme. Furthermore the reagent case can be combined with VISOCOLOR alpha test kits, pH indicator papers, pH-Fix test strips, qualitative test papers and semi-quantitative QUANTOFIX test strips.

This VISOCOLOR reagent case for the following applications in:
  • boiler water conditioning
  • water treatment
  • cooling water conditioning
  • beverage industries
  • irrigation
  • printing industries
  • education
  • corrosion prevention
  • surface finishing
  • construction industries
  • aquaculture
  • and others...
To customize your individual reagent cases please keep the following in mind:
  • Which parameters you want to check?
  • Which measuring range you are looking for?
  • How many samples you have to analyse?
  • Which kind of samples have to be analysed?
  • Which method should be used (colorimetric, titrimetric or photometric)?

Modell: PF-3 Soil
Analytical device: filter photometer
Width (Analytical devices): 95 mm
Height (Analytical devices): 68 mm
Depth (Analytical devices): 170 mm
Shipping weight: 4,00 Kg
Product weight: 3,00 Kg
Type: MACHEREY-NAGEL Compact photometer PF-3 Soil
LED photometer with microprocessor control, self-test and auto calibration
Optics: LED + interference filters
Insensitive to external light for quick measurements without cuvette slot cover
Wavelengths: 365 nm, 450 nm, 660 nm
Wavelength accuracy: + 2 nm, bandwidth at half transmission 10 - 12 nm
Number of filters: 3
Light source: LED
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Measuring modes: Pre-programmed tests
(NANOCOLOR tube tests and VISOCOLOR ECO tests)
Cuvette slot: Tubes 16 mm OD
Memory: 50 results
Display: Backlit graphic display, 64 x 128 pix
All important data at a glance: Result with unit, date, time
Operation: Self-explanatory menu guidance, plastic foil keypad
Test selection via parameter lists
Interface: Mini-USB
Update: Free of charge via internet / PC
Operating range: 5 - 50 °C, up to 90 % rel. humidity
Power supply: 3 AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, USB interface; optional internal accu-pack
Housing: Water proof according to IP 68
Dimensions: 170 x 95 x 68 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg