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CertoClav EL autoclave - the proven and economical autoclave complete solution with valve control

. The verticle design allows for installation directly at the work station without water supply.

Fast. The CertoClav is fast and energy efficient. The necessary quantities can be, respectively, rapidly processed. The starting up of a large autoclave is no longer necessary. No waiting in the event that the large autoclave is already occupied. That saves energy and time.

Practical. The simple operation allows for effortless work with less handling. Through the CertoLock locking device the laborious turning of several screws is avoided.

Safe. 4-fold safety system 50 years experience in autoclave construction.

Flexible. Complete solution for sterilisation, culture medium preparation and refuse sterilisation.

Reliable. Robust design - tried and tested also for training operation. Often in use for over 20 years. Almost maintenance free.


  • Selective 115/121/125/140° C (0.7 - 2.7 bar / 10.2 - 39.2 psi gauge pressure). Basic equiment: valve 125/140°C Special valve 115/121°C Specify with order.
  • Ventilation in the flow process.
  • Pressure control via regulating valve. Manual time control.
  • Sterilisation goods: compact instruments also simply packaged, liquids (culture mediums), bottles and equipment, refuse sterilisation
  • Optimal usage of the chamber volume through top loading. Also long instruments, up to 42 cm (18L Version), can be handled


  • Multiple systems: The 4-stage CertoSecure safety system consists of an excess pressure valve, pressure valve, safety cover locking device against opening to pressure and overpressure safety recess.
  • Close with a handle via the CertoLock locking device. No laborious screwing is necessary
  • Corresponds to international standards. GS identification according to EN61010:1:2001 and 61010:2:040:2005. CE conformity. Sterilisation effect through the established expert opinion of the Graz institute for applied hygiene, Austria.
  • Aluminium 3103 according to DIN 1725
  • No water connection necessary. Electrical system: 220V, 50-60Hz, 1900 W


  • Precision manometer with drag indicator, precision thermometer
  • Integrated in the base, thermostat control. Heating elements are not submersed in water thereby extending their lifespan
  • Validation attachment: instrument tray

Modell: CV EL EL
Construction type: vertical
Volume (autoclave): 12 l 18 l
Power (autoclave): 1.9 kW
Pressure max. (autoclave): 1.2 bar 2.7 bar
Diameter of vessel: 240 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 260 mm 390 mm
Vessel material: aluminium No. 3103
Temperature max. (autoclave): 121°C 140°C
Shipping weight:12,00 Kg
  CertoClav EL 12 l  CertoClav EL 18 l  
pressure ranges

115°C (0,7 bar / 10 psi)*
121°C (1,2 bar / 17 psi)*
125°C (1,4 bar / 20 psi)
140°C (2,7 bar / 39 psi) 
115°C (0,7 bar / 10 psi)*
121°C (1,2 bar / 17 psi)*
125°C (1,4 bar / 20 psi)
140°C (2,7 bar / 39 psi)
Test pressure4,1 bar / 59 psi4,1 bar / 59 psi
Ventilation procedureFlow procedureFlow procedure 
Application areas
Sterilisation, culture medium preparation,
refuse sterilisation 
Sterilisation, culture medium preparation,
refuse sterilisation
Sterilisation goods
Massive objects (except medical instruments), liquids (e.g. culture mediums),
hollow bodies (e.g. glassware)
Massive objects (except medical instruments), liquids (e.g. culture mediums),
hollow bodies (e.g. glassware)
ø (inside) 24 cm 24 cm
Insight height26 cm 39 cm 
Diagonal 35 cm 46,5 cm 
Weight7 kg 9 kg 
Material Aluminium No. 3103 according to DIN 1725Aluminium No. 3103 according to DIN 1725
Rated voltage230 V AC, 50-60 Hz 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz 
Performance1900 Watt 1900 Watt 
Temperature indicator Precision thermometerPrecision thermometer 
Pressure indicatorPrecision manometerPrecision manometer
Safety4-fold pressure relief protection device4-fold pressure relief protection device
ShipmentWith instrument plateWith instrument plate

* Special valve. Specify with order.


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