Fedegari horizontal high pressure steam sterilizers FOB5-TS series

Item number: FED_24006

EAN: 4064343196376

Category: Fedegari

Manufacturer: Fedegari

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Fedegari FOB5-TS series horizontal high pressure steam sterilizers

Design and Technical Features:

  • Chamber volume: 650 liters (FOB5-TS) - 670 liters (FOB5S-TS) - 837 liters (FOB5/L-TS) - 830 liters (FOBS5/L-TS)
  • Free standing single or recessed with double doors for pass-through application
  • Vertically automatic sliding doors effortless pneumatically operated
  • Built-in, external or combined steam source
  • Massive, long-lived pressure vessels PED certified, exclusive pneumatic valves and hydraulic components made of high corrosion resistant AISI 316 L stainless steel, sanitary grade
  • Internal high-efficiency jacket by 316 L stainless steel plate heat exchanger for steam preheating/drying
  • Unique door closing system with patented pneumatic gasket seal for perfect airtight, safety and maximum reliability
  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Special execution with single or double stainless steel sealing flange (BIOSEAL) for laboratory risk category L3 and L4 and operating theater
  • Operation of the unit from both ends by operator panel and display fitted on loading and unloading sides
  • Operation of the unit from both ends
  • DCS PLUS 10 process controller with large touch-screen color video-graphic display
  • Fully programmability: 30 standard sterilization programs easy to customize in a multi-user environment
  • Operating software fully validated and documented to conform with the rigorous pharma standards for reproducibile processes
  • GLP compliant

Advantages and Key Benefits:

  • Superior quality of materials with first class finishing and components all rigorously tested at Fedegari's, for long term reliability and process safety
  • High-tech chamber and door system construction
  • Improved performances thanks to more efficient and faster processing
  • Short batch time and optimum drying
  • Ergonomic positioning of adjustable
  • Wide variety of transport and loading trolleys, internal racks, shelves, trays and containers, customized solutions for individual needs
  • Full and easy accessibility to technical area from the front and lateral side for service and regular maintenance
  • High level of programming and application flexibility with fully configurable cycles
  • Multilevel password management for authorized access only
  • Special stadndard test programs (i.e. Bowie Dick, vacuum, pressure leak test, heating programs, etc.) for routine check of sterilizer efficiency
  • GMP / GLP compatible data management offering full traceability and documentation, meeting the most stringent worldwide safety and quality standards

Optional Kits and Accessories:

  • Integrated 316 L stainless steel electric steam generator fully automatic with independent operation and control
  • Pre- and post-vacuum processes, single or fractionated with high-output water-ring vacuum pump
  • Exclusive high-efficiency fast cooling module for liquid programs with magnetic propeller type fans
  • Decontamination cycle for high-risk pathogenic wastes
  • Sterilization program with complete cycle by steam/air mixture in counterpressure for delicate treatment of small batches as blister packs, contact lenses, carpules, syringes, solutions in glass/plastic bottles or bags (PVC, PP, PE), etc
  • Effluent discharge air filtration kit for wastes treatment with automatic filter sterilization
  • Automatic in-line air filter sterilization program
  • Air detector and steam quality kit in compliance with CFPP01-01
  • Automatic program for pharmacopea cycle on hydrolytic resistance of glass containers
  • DCS LINK for remote data archiving on a PC over the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol
  • DCS LOGGER for managing data according to the 21 CFR Part 11 protocol
  • MDD certification possible using optional kit conforming to EU medical directives

Construction type: horizontal
Volume (autoclave): 400 l430 l540 l700 l730 l
Pressure max. (autoclave): 3.5 bar
Width (autoclave): 1300 mm
Height (autoclave): 1330 mm1410 mm1660 mm1710 mm1960 mm1910 mm
Diameter of vessel: 890 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 890 mm1000 mm1250 mm1270 mm1613 mm1751 mm
Vessel material: stainless steel 316L
Temperature max. (autoclave): 148°C
Depth (autoclave): 1950 mm
Number Doors 1 2 1 2 1 2
Total Volume (l) 650 670 835 840 1035 980
Useful Loading Capacity (l/STE) 400/6 430/6 540/8 540/8 730/10 700/10
Type of Chamber

horizontal, with cylindrical cross section, front loader

Chamber Dimensions
(Ø x d) (mm)
890 x 890 890 x 1000 890 x 1270 890 x 1270 890 x 1270 890 x 1270
Empty Weight (kg) 850 950 950 1000 1050 1100
Overall Dimensions (w x d x h) (mm) 1300 x 1950 x 1330 1300 x 1950 x 1410 1300 x 1950 x 1710 1300 x 1950 x 1660 1300 x 1950 x 1960 1300 x 1950 x 1910
Chamber and Lid Material

AISI 316 L, stainless steel

Self-supporting Frame

AISI 304 L, stainless steel

Max. Operating Pressure

3.5 bar(g) - 4 bar(g) 1)

Max. Operating Temperature

148°C - 152°C 1)

Chamber Design Pressure

-1/4 bar(g) - -1/4.5 bar(g)1)

Max. Design Temperature

152°C - 156°C 1)

Standard Electric Supply

400 V, three-phase, 50 Hz, neutral conductor

Power Requirement (basic version)

0.5 kW

Power Requirement (without steam generator) 34 kW 34 kW 38 kW 38 kW 44 kW 44 kW
Standards / Norms

PED 97/23/EC, CE Mark, TÜV Certification

1)...sterilizer executed for high-temperature (HT) processes