SHP Steriltechnik Laboratory Autoclave LABOKLAV 195-series

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SHP Steriltechnik Laboratory Autoclave LABOKLAV 195-series
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Steam sterilization is the sterilization method with the widest range of applications - efficient, safe, reproducible and environmentally friendly.
All SHP Steriltechnik AG autoclaves work based on this principle and are characterized by innovative technical ideas. A wide range of chamber sizes between 25 Litr. and 195 Litr., universal installation options as a free-standing or tabletop unit and numerous configurations provide individual solutions meeting your specific requirements. Typical areas of application for our units include all microbiological laboratories in research institutions, universities, quality controls in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as waste sterilization, for example in the field of medical diagnosis.

The LABOKLAV 195-series offers you flexible solutions for the most demanding requirements.
The well thought-out design of our units with a low loading height allows for easy loading and the baskets adapted to the chamber size permit optimal utilisation of the chamber volume. Optional loading system and lifting devices make charging and unloading of the autoclave child's play, even for heavy items requiring sterilization.

The basic unit is already suitable for the sterilization
  • Liquids
  • Solids
  • Waste
Chamber sizes ranging from 195 Litr. provide solutions tailored to your application. The tabletop and free-standing unit installation options and comprehensive equipment options, particularly for demanding laboratory applications, guarantee you maximum flexibility. The focus always is on safe and validable processes, user safety and comfortable autoclave operation.
LABOKLAV series autoclaves are characterized by their reliability and quality. We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany to high and continuously monitored quality standards. Our units are TÜV-certified and approved for series production and bear the CE mark. They comply with the following standards:
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EU
  • DIN 58950: Sterilization - Steam sterilizers for pharmaceutical products
  • DIN 58951: Sterilization - Steam sterilizers for laboratory use
As your steam sterilization partner, we are always on hand to advise you and offer:
  • Comprehensive advice
  • IQ / OQ / PQ / DQ
  • Technical support from trained and authorised service technician
Options for demanding applications:

Efficient rapid recooling with double jacket
An effective and rapid recooling system for liquid sterilization significantly reduces your cycle times and allows you to perform several cycles in a working day.

The LABOKLAV 195-series recooling system operates according to the heat exchanger principle. Demineralized water from the storage tank passes through the double jacket, cools the entire chamber and flows back into the storage tank where it is cooled down by a cooling coil fed with tap water.

The expensive demineralized water is recycled during the cooling process. Our autoclaves therefore do not consume expensive demineralized water for recooling processes in liquid programmes and significantly reduce their operating costs.

The units of LABOKLAV 195-series are available as:
  • LABOKLAV B - Basic unit
  • LABOKLAV M - with integrated rapid cooling
  • LABOKLAV MS - with integrated rapid cooling with support pressure
  • LABOKLAV MSL - with integrated rapid cooling with support pressure and Fans
  • LABOKLAV V - with integrated vacuum device
  • LABOKLAV MV - with integrated rapid cooling, integrated vacuum device
  • LABOKLAV MSV - with integrated rapid cooling with support pressure, integrated vacuum device
  • LABOKLAV MSLV - with integrated rapid cooling with support pressure and integrated vacuum device
Recooling with double jacket, M version
If the recooling system is expanded with the supporting pressure option, liquids can be sterilized in open bottles without any loss of liquid. The cycle time is also further reduced.

Recooling with double jacket and supporting pressure, MS version
The combination of a water recooling system with supporting pressure and a built-in fan is the fastest and most effective recooling system. The powerful fan mixes the temperature layers in the chamber during the cooling process and ensures uniform and quicker recooling.
Furthermore, this equipment allows for the sterilization of pressure-tight bottles without any undesired bursting of the bottles during the process.

Deaeration using a pre-vacuum and a drying vacuum
Successful sterilization is only possible in saturated steam conditions. This requires complete and efficient chamber deaeration. This can only be guaranteed with a vacuum system, especially for products that are difficult to deaerate such as hoses or textiles. A simple or fractional pre-vacuum quickly and safely removes the air from the chamber.

Especially for the sterilization of, for example, pipette tips and filters, a drying vacuum offers the major benefit that the products requiring sterilization no longer have to be dried separately in the drying cabinet. For all Laboklav series autoclaves, the drying vacuum including heating of the jacket for effectively drying the products requiring sterilization is included as standard in the vacuum Option.

Exhaust air filtration - to protect the user and the environment

Sterilization of infectious or genetically modified materials makes special demands on the autoclaves. An exhaust air filtration system protects the user and the environment from dangerous germs that may enter the environment during deaeration of the chamber and allows the autoclaves to be used in safety level 2 laboratories or higher.

Exhaust air filtration includes sterilization of the condensate and temperature-controlled inline sterilization of the filter cartridge. A pressure-resistant stainless steel housing encloses the filter element and prevents the filter from expanding.

We only use filter elements with manufacturer certificates. An integrated batch counter checks the filter element's service life and indicates when the filter should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

A unique installation concept allows you to set up the autoclave as either a free-standing or tabletop unit - at no extra charge. It can be subsequently converted from a tabletop to a free-standing unit and vice-versa on-site at any time. Optionally, the chamber lid of free-standing units can swing to the right, the left or the rear. This guarantees optimal adaptation to the local installation con - ditions in your laboratory. Availability in three colours (blue, red and green) offers you additional options for customizing your unit.

Modell: 195 MS195 M195 B195 MSLV195 MSV195 MV195 V195 MSL
Construction type: horizontalvertical
Volume (autoclave): 195 l
Power (autoclave): 10.0 kW
Pressure max. (autoclave): 2.8 bar
Width (autoclave): 840 mm
Height (autoclave): 700 mm1215 mm
Diameter of vessel: 500 mm
Height or depth of vessel: 990 mm
Temperature max. (autoclave): 135°C
Depth (autoclave): 700 mm1215 mm
Shipping weight: 285,00 Kg
Product weight: 245,00 Kg
SHP Steriltechnik Laboratory Autoclave LABOKLAV 195-series
Chamber volume 195 Litr.
Chamber dimensions (Ø x D) 500 x 990 mm
Outer dimensions of free-standing
unit (W x H x D)
840 x 1215 x 700 mm
Outer dimensions of tabletop unit
(W x H x D)
840 x 700 x 1215 mm
Weight approx. 245 kg
Max. allowable pressure (PS) 2.8 bar
Max. allowable temperature (TS) 143 °C
Heating power of steam generator 10 KW
Electrical connection 3 N 400 V ~, 50 Hz, 16 A
Sterilization temperature 98 -135 °C, adjustable
Loading with 1 Litr. Schott bottles
free-standing unit
abletop unit

60 piece *
44 piece *
LABOKLAV 195 B Basic unit for sterilization of liquids in open vessels and solids
LABOKLAV 195 M Basic unit with rapid cooling, without support pressure, for open vessels
LABOKLAV 195 MS Basic unit with rapid cooling with support pressure for
open vessels for the avoidance fluid losses
LABOKLAV 195 MSL Basic unit with rapid cooling, support pressure and fan inside,
for open and closed vessels for the avoidance temperature gradients in the chamber
LABOKLAV 195 V Basic unit with vacuum device for solid substances
LABOKLAV 195 MV Basic unit with rapid cooling for open vessels,
without support pressure, with vacuum device for solid substances
LABOKLAV 195 MSV Basic unit with rapid cooling with support pressure for open vessels
for the avoidance fluid losses, with vacuum device for solid substances
LABOKLAV 195 MSLV Basic unit with rapid cooling, support pressure and fan inside,
for open and closed vessels for the avoidance temperature gradients
in the chamber, with vacuum device for solid substances

* Loading partly without baskets


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