MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR HE Test kit Chlorine (free and total)

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MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR HE Test kit/ Chlorine (free and total)

VISOCOLOR HE test kits are highly sensitive colorimetric test kits. In comparison with conventional VISOCOLOR kits, their sensitivity is enhanced by increasing the length of the test tube and the use of highly sensitive reagents. This technique allows a 10-fold to 100-fold increase of sensitivity. Each VISOCOLOR HE test kit is packed in a sturdy plastic box which contains the comparator block with colour comparison disk and all required reagents. The VISOCOLOR titration test kits are based on principles of volumetric analysis. On the gradated syring the results can be read off in mg/l or in a second alternative dimension.

Colorimetric Test Kits
Principle: High sensitivity colorimetry with comparator block and colour comparison disc
  • visual evaluation
  • environment-friendly, without toxic reagents
  • economically priced
  • convenient handling
  • highest accuracy due to extremely narrow gradation
  • highest sensitivity down to 0.002 mg/l due to longer
  • measuring tubes
  • reagent bottles with clear dosing instructions
  • compensation of turbidities and colours
  • refill packs available

Titration Test Kits
Principle: High sensitive volumetric analysis with gradated syringe
  • visual evaluation
  • economically priced
  • convenient handling
  • highest accuracy due to narrow gradated syringe
  • reagent bottles with clear dosing instructions
  • sharper colour change due to separated
  • dropping reagents
  • refill packs available

MACHEREY-NAGEL VISOCOLOR HE Test kit Chlorine (free and total)
Colorimetric determination of free and total chlorine

At a pH value of 5 - 6 free chlorine reacts with N,N-diethyl-1,4-phenylene diamine (DPD) to form a red-violet dye. In the presence of iodide ions the content of total chlorine can be determined, too. (Reaction principle is analogous to APHA 4500CL G & DIN EN ISO 9963-1)

The addition of chlorine to swimming pools, water reservoirs and water mains is an approved procedure to rid the water of germs. With the correct dose harmful microorganisms are destroyed, many impurities removed and the growth of algae is prevented. However it is imperative that the chlorine content is regularly checked, since excessive chlorine not only impairs the smell and taste of the water but can be hazardous.

One distinguishes between free chlorine and bound chlorine (chloroamines); the sum of both is called total chlorine.

Modell: Chlorine
Rapid tests: test refillchlorine, chloride
Trade mark rapid tests: VISOCOLOR
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg
Product weight: 0,20 Kg
Type: high sensitive test kit (refill pack)
Range: 0.0 · 0.02 · 0.04 · 0.06 · 0.10 · 0.15 · 0.20 · 0.30 · 0.40 · 0.60 mg/l Cl2
Sufficient for: 2 x 160 determinations
Shelf life: at least 24 months
Sea water suitability: yes
Detectable with PF-11: no