BIOTEC-FISCHER PHERO-sub 1515-RV electrophoresis tank

Item number: BIOFI_4479

EAN: 4064343200820


Manufacturer: BIOTEC-FISCHER

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BIOTEC-FISCHER PHERO-sub 1515-RV electrophoresis tank

PHERO-sub 1515-RV is an innovative new system which can be used to maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from EtBr and SYBR stained gels by minimising the number of steps involved in post-electrophoretic purification. PHERO-sub 1515-RV consists of a PHERO-sub 1515-E system with bluVIEW lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter within its viewing pane, and a base unit with integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator.
Simple DNA recovery using PHERO-sub 1515-RV is simple: first, cast a gel featuring two rows of wells with one matching pair of the preparatory combs supplied, before transferring the blue-light transparent gel tray to the PHERO-sub 1515-E tank located on the base unit. Add sufficient buffer just to cover the gel, and remove the combs to load the DNA samples into the upper row of wells ('Loading' tier). Replace the lid to connect the PHERO-sub 1515-E tank to the integrated power supply before applying the voltage and switching on the blue LED gel illuminator. Watch through the bluVIEW lid's viewing pane as the samples migrate in real-time to the second row of wells ('extraction' tier). Once the DNA bands of interest enter the 'extraction' tier, simply stop the power supply, remove the lid and harvest the DNA by pipette.

  • Gel Tray, UV transparent
  • 1 x Casting Dams (2 pcs.)
  • 8 x Comb, double sided
  • Loading Guides, Viewing Platform, Cable set

Modell: PHERO-sub 1515-RV
Electrophoresis: horizontal gel electrophoresis
Gel size (horizontal gel electrophoresis): 150 x 70 mm150 x 100 mm150 x 150 mm
Shipping weight: 10,00 Kg