EUROIMMUN EUROLabLiquidHandler automatically pipetting device

Item number: LM_EURO_13001

EAN: 4064343164702


Manufacturer: EUROIMMUN Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG

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EUROIMMUN EUROLabLiquidHandler automatically pipetting device

  • Scalable instrument size (deck capacity of 30 or 45 tracks)
  • Use of 1-10 needles according to application (e.g. 8 needles for ELISA and 10 needles for EUROIMMUN Titerplane)
  • Application-oriented racks for samples, reagents and labware (e.g. ELISA, IFA, blot)
  • Combined racks for optimal utilisation of instrument capacity
  • Individual dilution profiles
  • Use of many common primary tubes (Ø8 - 16mm)
  • Working area without permanently installed components
  • Simple starting of user-specific worklists by means of predefined hard- and software settings
  • Intelligent multineedle system, optimised travelling routes and processing times
  • Touchscreen for fast and simple execution
  • Fast and complete recording of data for samples, reagents and accessories via integrated 2D barcode reader minimises hands-on time
  • ID-supported memory function for dilution plates, simplified loading, utilisation of all cavities
  • One-time loading of samples for the processing of several worklists (e.g. screening and follow-up titrations for positive samples)
  • Visual presentation of all articles and simple, screen-guided loading process
  • High security standards for hard- and software
  • Complete, error-free acquisition and documentation of samples and reagents via matrix- and barcoding
  • Transparent tracking of all data entries and changes
  • Traceable allocation of analysis results to samples and reagents used
  • Open sample tracking for ongoing work processes (e.g. for samples with limited volumes)
  • Reliability in pipetting process through level and clot detection as well as bubble kill function
  • Control of functionality through special assay and corresponding evaluation modules
  • Cross contamination-free processing of EUROIMMUN tests by means of high-quality coated needles and efficient washing procedures
  • Software-supported maintenance procedures

Type: Liquid Handler
Pipetting volume: variable
System EUROLabLiquidHandler
Instrument capacity 30 tracks up to 300 samples
45 tracks up to 500 samples
Size of sample tubes 8 - 16 mm Ø height up to 100 mm
Loading Batch/partial unloading possible
Barcode types 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes for rack and reagent identification
All usual barcode types for patient sample identification (e.g. code 128/EAN 128 selectable)
Pipetting unit
Pipettor Liquid pipettor with washable needles
Number of needles 1 - 10 needles
Min./max. pipetting volume 10 µl - 1000 µl
Precision CV < 10 % at 10 µl 
CV < 1 % at 100 µl 
CV < 1 % at 1000 µl
Liquid level detection Capacitive
Rack types Wide rack choice
Racks for Sample tubes
Reagent vessels (tubes, bottles, tanks)
Microtiter-/Deepwell plates
Titerplane reagent trays
Blot incubation trays and others
Connection EUROLabOffice
Operating system Windows 7
Languages Englisch
30 tracks
45 tracks
1335 mm x 810 mm x 835 mm 160 kg 
1785 mm x 810 mm x 835 mm 215 kg
Electrical connection Universal AC input
Wide range AC 50/60 Hz, ~100 - 240 V +/- 10 %
Power input 260 Watt (VA) in standby