EKOM-AIR Compressor DK50 2V/110

Item number: EKOM_28009

EAN: 4064343165587

Category: EKOM-AIR

Manufacturer: EKOM-AIR

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EKOM-AIR Compressor DK50 2V/110

The oil-free compressors EKOM DK50 2V/110 series are powerful, clean and quiet compressed air supply for demanding applications. The 2-cylinder unit combined with a 110l pressure vessel is optionally available with acoustic enclosure and / or adsorption dryer. We offer a wide variety of possible combinations to our EKOM product matched to your application. In order to meet specific requirements of the system providers, EKOM provides custom OEM solutions that can be realized even as a small series.

The compressor is produced in the following standard versions:
  • DK50 2V/110 - without sound absorbing box
  • DK50 2V/110 S - with sound absorbing box
  • DK50 2V/110 M - without sound absorbing box, with a adsorption dryer
  • DK50 2V/110 S / M - with sound absorbing box and adsorption dryer
The membrane dryer and filter units are available upon request.

Modell: DK50 2V/110 S/MDK50 2V/110 MDK50 2V/110 SDK50 2V/110
Model of pump: compressor
Max. flow rate: 105 l/min140 l/min
DK50 2V/110 DK50 2V/110 S DK50 2V/110 M DK50 2V/110 S/M
Voltage/ Frequency 230V/ 50 Hz* 230V/ 50 Hz* 230V/ 50 Hz* 230V/ 50 Hz*
Max. power 7.5  A  8 A 7.8 A 8.3 A
Motor power 1.1 kW 1.1 kW 1.1 kW 1.1 kW
Delivery rate 140 l.min-1/ 5 bar 140 l.min-1/ 5 bar 105 l.min-1/ 5 bar 105 l.min-1/ 5 bar
Air intake capacity 200 l.min-1 200 l.min-1 200 l.min-1 200 l.min-1
Working pressure 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar 6 - 8 bar
Pressure vessel 110 lit. 110 lit. 110 lit. 110 lit.
Operation mode S1-100% S1-100% S1-100% S1-100%
Atmospheric dewpoint - - -20 °C -20 °C
Noise level < 71 dB (A) < 52 dB (A) < 72 dB (A) < 53 dB (A)
Weight 70 kg 145 kg 90 kg 165 kg
Dimension (W x D x H) 1090x425x815 mm 1200x710x1000 mm 1090x605x815 mm 1200x710x1000 mm

*Higher pressure and other voltage/frequency on request.

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