BioSan Labaqua HPLC, ultrapure water system

Item number: BIOSAN_21001

EAN: 4064343189170

Category: BioSan

Manufacturer: Biosan

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BioSan Labaqua HPLC, ultrapure water system

Labaqua HPLC produces water with very low organic carbon (TOC) content meeting requirements of liquid chromatography methods. Labaqua HPLC water can also be used for some microbiological and molecular biology applications.

Modell: Labaqua HPLC
Water treatment model: pure water system ultrapure water system
Booster pump: without
Capacity: 10 l/h
Storage tank - tank: with
Water source: from the water mains
Shipping weight:25,00 Kg
ModelLabaqua HPLC
Pure (Grade 2), water resistivity> 10 MOhm x cm
Pure (Grade 2), water conductivity< 0.1 S/cm
Ultrapure (Grade 1), water resistivity18.2 MO x cm
Ultrapure (Grade 1), water conductivity0.055 S/cm
TOC< 2 ppb
Bacteria< 1 cfu/ml
Endotoxins< 0.15 EU/ml
Particles > 0.22 m< 1/ per ml
Nominal flow, pure water (to storage tank)10 l/h
Nominal dispense flow, ultrapure water2 l/min
Nominal dispense flow, pure water4 l/min
Deionization module life (standard module)1 m3
Dimensions (WDH)500400600 mm
Storage tank25 l
Tank dimensions (WDH)300250500 mm
Feed water pressure0.5 - 5 bar
Feed water conductivity< 900 S/cm
Nominal operating voltage230 V, 50Hz
Power consumption130 W