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The PURELAB flex product range

Security for analytical & life science applications
  • Reliable ultrapure water up to 18.2 megohm cm
  • Real-time monitoring of the TOC content
  • Clear display shows all important information
  • Data acquisition via USB interface for quality assurance
  • Quick and easy disinfection

Designed for laboratory needs for today
  • intuitive operation
  • Ergonomic Multi Function Dispenser
  • Height adjustable and flexible takeout
  • Table or wall installation possible
  • Flexible water supply (including variable flow up to 2 l / min and automatic extraction of volume to 60 liters)

To operate a PURELAB flex 3 system is a purification cartridge type LC214 is required, it must be ordered separately.

Modell: flex3
Water treatment model: ultrapure water system
Booster pump: without
Capacity: 2 l/min
Storage tank - tank: without
Water source: from the water mains
Modules: UV-modules
Shipping weight:28,00 Kg
Product weight:23,00 Kg
modelPURELAB flex 3
Specifications Product water
Daily water quantity< 10 liters
Max. Flow rateup to 2 l/min
inorganic substances at 25°C18,2 MOhm-cm
organic substances (TOC) - typical< 5ppb 1)
Directly from the integrated tankType III / reverse osmosis water 2)
Bacteria - typical (with final filter)< 1 KBE/10 ml
Bacteria - typical (with biofilters)< 1 KBE/10 ml
Endotoxin (with biofilters)< 0,001 EU/ml
DNase (with biofilters)< 20 pg/ml
RNase (with biofilters)< 0,002 ng/ml
Dimensions and weights
dimensionswidth 236 mm
depth 470 mm
min. height 900 mm
max. height 1020 mm
operating weight23 kg (57,3 lb)
installationDesk / Wall
Specifications feedwater
source of supplyDrinking water from the tap
conductivity< 2000 µS/cm 3)
hardness< 350 ppm as CaCO3
Free chlorine< 0,5 ppm Cl2
chloramine< 0,2 ppm Cl2
chlorine Total< 0,5 ppm Cl2
silicate< 30 ppm SiO2
carbon dioxide maximum< 30 ppm (recommended < 20 ppm)
Fouling Index< 10
Iron / manganese< 0,05 ppm
organic substances (TOC)< 2 ppm
particleA 0.2 micron membrane prefilters is for all feedwater systems (except reverse osmosis) is recommended for longer tool life of final filters
temperature4 - 40°C (recommended 10 - 25°C)
flow (at 15°C)up to 75 l/h
Runoff Specification (free expiry)> 90 l/h
Feed water pressure
maximum90 psi (6 bar)4)
minimum30 psi (2 bar)4)
Electrical specifications
Mains power input100 - 240 V ac, 50 - 60 Hz
System voltage (without pump and UV)24 V dc
Energy consumption at peak load100 W
noise level< 40 dBa

1) Depending on the feedwater
2) (Equal to or >) Type III water from reverse osmosis
3) Life of the treatment cartridge can vary on a feed water quality of > 1400 µS / cm
4) At < 60 psi (4 bar) an optional pump is recommended
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